Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2252 - Yun Chutian’s Return (16)

Chapter 2252: Yun Chutian's Return (16)

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Yun Chutian's eyes brightened up and she said, "Brother Nianfeng, should we hide inside here to watch the show?"

Yun Nianfeng's face darkened. "It's better for us to wait outside."

"Wait!" Seeing Yun Nianfeng reaching towards Ouyang Yue, a glint streaked across Yun Chutian's eyes as she happily fished out a bottle of spirit liquid. "This is an aphrodisiac I concocted using Mother's spirit medicine and it is much more effective than yours. I'll go and give it to her now."

After this, she slowly walked up and carefully fed Ouyang Yue the liquid. Although Ouyang Yue was currently unconscious, the liquid still managed to into her body. A moment later, her body warmed up and even her breathing became hurried.

"Brother Nianfeng, let's go. This spirit liquid's effect is very strong and if you stay you'll definitely be pounced on." Yun Chutian dusted her hands and walked to Yun Nianfeng's side while she forcefully held his arm. "You're mine and I won't give you to other women."

All these years, Yun Nianfeng had been accustomed to Yun Chutian confessing from time to time and a wave of warmth spread through his heart. However, thinking back to the spirit liquid in her hands, his expression sank.

"Shouldn't you give me an explanation about that spirit liquid?"

Yun Chutian blinked her eyes and used a bewildered expression to ask, "I don't understand what you mean."

"Are you going to continue acting? Why did you bring along such an item with you?"

"This…" Yun Chutian carefully shot a glance at Yun Nianfeng, "I… wanted to give you the liquid. I didn't expect that I would use it on Ouyang Yue."

Yun Nianfeng's expression became even darker. "I've said before that after you're eighteen and you're still determined to marry me, I will definitely marry you."

Wasn't he just afraid that this girl was too young and might regret it in the future? At that time, wouldn't he have harmed her whole life?

"Brother Nianfeng, I know what I want." Yun Chutian's eyes were very bright as she looked up at the handsome young man before her. "I am also very sure of my feelings. As long as you're willing to marry me right now, then I will immediately get married to you and I won't regret this forever!"

"Are you sure?"

Yun Nianfeng narrowed his eyes and pulled Yun Chutian into the underbrush at one side while he tightly held her. "Are you sure you won't regret this?"

Seemingly sensing his sudden change, Yun Chutian somewhat panicked. Although she had prepared the aphrodisiac, she didn't dare try it, didn't she? However, why was brother Nianfeng acting as if he had taken an aphrodisiac right now? It made her feel afraid… "Brother Nianfeng, I…"

"There's still time for you to back out." A smile quirked upon his face as he looked at her in all seriousness.

Yun Chutian's heart clenched tight. Looking up and staring directly into his eyes, she pursed her lips. "I want to marry you."

From the beginning, she had already wanted to marry him.

"Alright, since you're determined, then what kind of man am I if I don't make any move?" Yun Nianfeng lowered his head. "However, I've given you the chance to back out and you didn't value it. In the future, if you want to back out, I will not let you go."

He tightly pressed onto Yun Chutian and fiercely kissed her tender lips. His kiss was very forceful as he bit on her lips, causing her eyes to gleam with tears.

"Wu…" She wanted to struggle free, but his strength was huge, to the extent she couldn't break free. This feeling caused Yun Chutian to feel anxious. Her fingers clutched the ground and she pitifully looked at the young man before her.

Yun Chutian's Return (16.5)

Brother Nianfeng was normally a gentle person, but why… was he so wild at that moment?

"Chutian," Yun Nianfeng released his hold on her and said, "In the future, I won't let you go. Even if you want to leave, you can't."

Yun Chutian nodded. Suddenly, she remembered something and spoke pitifully, "Brother Nianfeng, could you refrain from being so forceful when you're kissing me? It's… painful…"

Only now did Yun Nianfeng notice her reddened and swollen lips, and his eyes were apologetic. "I'm sorry to have hurt you. I will be more careful next time."

"Someone's here!" His eyes turned and hastily took Yun Chutian and pulled her into his embrace. They both looked to the front of the palace.

Under the moolight, Wang Haotian's footsteps were somewhat rushed as he pushed open the door to Qinglan Palace.

Looking at him here, Yun Chutian was disappointed. "It's really him…"

"Right now, do you understand what type of people those men are outside?" Yun Nianfeng quirked his brow and his words implied that they were all b*stards and only he was the best.

Not long after that, sounds of moaning could be heard from the room. Those sounds disrupted the quiet night and resonated throughout the skies. It also caused Yun Chutian to blush as her ears turned red while she tightly held onto Yun Nianfeng's sleeve.

"Brother Nianfeng, should we… retreat?"

"There's no need." Yun Nianfeng smiled and covered Yun Chutian's ears with his hands. "This way, you won't hear anything."

As expected, Yun Chutian's expression became much better without those sounds. She curiously looked towards Yun Nianfeng and asked, "Brother Nianfeng, don't you find those sounds very… ear-piercing?"

She couldn't find any suitable words to describe the sounds and so, she mentioned it as ear-piercing.

Yun Nianfeng's lips twitched. What could he possibly say?

Should he tell Yun Chutian that he was ignorant when he was young and frequently hid under their parent's bed while playing hide-and-seek with their servants? Furthermore, he had heard those sounds for an entire night?

If this girl were to know about this, he couldn't be sure how she would tease him.

"I've automatically blocked out those sounds." Yun Niangfeng quirked his lips and looked towards the lights that came from the corridor. "It seems like the sounds are too loud and attracted other people. This is good too, and saves us from more trouble."

"Of course." Yun Chutian proudly lifted her tiny head. "I'm the one who produced that liquid so how could Ouyang Yue possibly endure it?"

Yun Nianfeng touched Yun Chutian's nose in a tender manner and said, "After Mother returns, I'll inform her of what you did, and you can explain at that time about why you created that medicine."

"Ah?" Yun Chutian looked like she would cry. "Brother Nianfeng, please don't tell mother about it. I know my mistakes and I won't dare to do so in the future."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! I guarantee I won't do it again!" Yun Chutian hastily nodded. That incident could never be found out by her mother else she would punish her to recite those boring books again.

Yun Chutian recovered her sense all of a sudden and asked, "That's right, you mentioned Mother is coming?"

"You're Mother's foster daughter and soon to be daughter-in-law, so how could she possibly not come to back you up?"

"However…" Yun Chutian felt somewhat stifled, "didn't Mother agree to let me take revenge myself?"

"Agreeing was a temporary measure. If she hadn't agreed, you certainly would have made an excuse not to go and then found an opportunity to come here later when everyone was unaware. In that case, how is she supposed to support you?" Yun Nianfeng smiled. "Mother wants everyone to know that you're her daughter and prevent anyone from Tianhuang City from looking down on you."

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