Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2251 - Yun Chutian’s Return (15)

Chapter 2251: Yun Chutian's Return (15)

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"Seventh princess." A palace maid brought in a plate of pastries. "This is the chestnut cake you asked for."

"I've said before, don't address me as the seventh princess," Yun Chutian said unhappily. "It's fine if you call me Miss Yun."

"I understand, Miss Yun." The palace maid lowered her head without moving.

"You can go down first." Yun Chutian pouted and said impatiently. The palace maid straightened her back and withdrew. Within the palace, only Yun Nianfeng and Yun Chutian remained

"Brother Nianfeng, that palace maid is suspicious." After the palace maid left, Yun Chutian's expression immediately sank.

"Oh?" Yun Nianfeng turned towards the young lady by his side and asked. "What's the problem?"

"I mentioned this to the palace maids of Qinglan Palace in the morning that they weren't allowed to call me as the seventh princess, and they can only call me by Miss Yun. However, that palace maid committed that mistake."

Yun Nianfeng quirked his brow and asked with a fake smile. "Perhaps she had forgotten?"

"No," Yun Chutian shook her head. "I lived in the palace for five years and I understand the rules and regulations here. As a maid within the palace, they would never commit such a basic mistake. Therefore, that maid earlier on isn't from Qinglan Palace, so could it have been sent by my second sister?"

Earlier on, Yun Chutian had chased out the original palace maids of Qinglan Palace and gathered a few servants from the Cold Palace. However, even those maids would never commit such a basic mistake.

Yun Nianfeng glanced at the pastries placed before Yun Chutian. "There's a problem with these pastries."

Hearing his words, Yun Chutian lifted a piece of pastry and sniffed it. "Love potion." As she mentioned these words, both their expressions changed.

"I originally thought that Ouyang Yue wanted to cause me harm but after thinking it through, she knows my capabilities and wouldn't do this. Also, it isn't poison added here but… love potion…"

The so-called love potion was an aphrodisiac and Ouyang Yue did not have any reason to spike her food.

"Wang Haotian." A name surfaced from Yun Nianfeng's mind and his eyes revealed a chilly glint.

Yun Chutian stared blankly. "I doubt it. He said that he thinks of me like a little sister."

"Chutian, I'm a man and you have to believe in my perception. The way he looks at you is very different, seemingly like looking at a lover. Therefore, he completely has the motive to do this," Yun Nianfeng explained in all seriousness.

"Then… what should I do? Should I expose him?"

"I have an idea." Yun Nianfeng secretly smiled. "Tell me where Ouyang Yue's palace is located."

"En…" Yun Chutian hesitated for a moment and held her jaw. "Brother Nianfeng, what are you plotting?"

"Of course, it's to carry out the good designs of others."

Who allowed Wang Haotian to have the nerve to peep on Chutian? In that case, then he would prevent him from having these rights forever! Furthermore, this aphrodisiac debt was on him and he had to foot the bill for his actions!

Within the side chamber, just as Ouyang Yue intended to go to bed, a silhouette dashed in. With a bang, something hit her head, causing her to instantly become senseless.

Yun Nianfeng looked at the unconscious woman with disdain and after thinking, he lifted the bedsheet on one side and bound it around her before finding a piece of rope to fasten it up. He then used the rope to drag her body.

Luckily, he had knocked those patrolling guards unconscious earlier on and so, he did not encounter anyone on the way. After he arrived in Qinglan Palace, he threw Ouyang Yue inside.

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