Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2250 - Yun Chutian’s Return (14)

Chapter 2250: Yun Chutian's Return (14)

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"Miss Yun!" Not understanding what he said wrong, Wang Haotian rushed forward as he wanted to grab Yun Chutian's hand.

Unexpectedly, she directly struck him with her palms, causing him to fly out at that instant.

"Get lost, you're not welcome here! Those who speak badly of my mother aren't good people so get lost!

Everyone had a bottom line and hers was brother Nianfeng and her parents whom she loved dearly. She would not allow it even if it was just a single word that others said to badmouth them!

"Cough cough!" Wang Haotian fell on the ground and coughed up blood. His complexion was somewhat pale as he looked at her furious expression while he was in pain.

"Chutian, what happened?" Suddenly, a light breeze made its way into the room and Yun Nianfeng quickly walked to Yun Chutian's side. Looking at her bright red face, he unconsciously felt hsi heart ache. "Tell Brother, did someone bully you?" His eyes swept to Wang Haotian on the ground and killing intent gradually surfaced in his eyes.

"Brother Nianfeng, tell him to get lost, I don't wish to see him!" Yun Chutian stuck out her lips and angrily said.

"Alright, I'll chase him away right now." Yun Nianfeng's gaze was very chilly as he walked towards Wang Haotian step by step.

"Chutian has always been good-tempered and wouldn't get angry easily. Since you could cause her to get angry, you're pretty amazing." Yun Nianfeng sneered. "Are you going to leave on your own accord or I shall throw you out?"

Wang Haotian supported himself and stood up. He glanced at Yun Chutian despairingly and ultimately turned away and walked out. His hands by his side had involuntarily clenched tight and he only managed to suppress his suffering after taking a deep breath.

That was his first time he liked someone and so it turns out, it was that painful to like someone…

Without walking far, Wang Haotian saw Wang Xuelian waiting for him not far away. The instant she saw Wang Haotian, she smiled. "I said this earlier on, she'll never believe in you. So do you still need my medicine?"

Wang Haotian trembled and shut his eyes. "I don't wish to harm her. She loathes me right now."

"Loathing you will only be temporary and after she discovers Yun Luofeng's true colors, she'll only be grateful to you. At that time when you and your wife are mutually in love, will she still remember your past mistakes?" Wang Xuelian quirked her lips and smiled. "You have to know, if you don't help her today, perhaps… her whole future will be ruined."

Wang Haotian was silent and looked up after a long time. "She no longer welcomes me and I can't spike her food with the medicine."

"Don't worry about this. I've already tasked someone to do the deed. At that time, I'll get someone to lure Yun Nianfeng away and you'll just have to enter."

She did not want Yun Chutian to take advantage of her Yun Nianfeng and so, he had to be lured away. Otherwise, wouldn't her man's first time be snatched away by that wild woman? Towards these matters, Wang Xuelian had a fixated ideology. From now on, Yun Nianfeng's first time must be with her and he could only have her as his only woman. She would never share her husband with someone else!

"Fine." Wang Haotian opened his eyes. "I'll agree. As long as she won't be deceived, I am perfectly willing even if I am to be hated!"

"Just wait to marry your beautiful and lovable wife." Wang Xuelian smiled complacently. In this place, no one could win against her.

Nightime, the moonlight filtered down.

Yun Chutian quietly stayed within her palace and perhaps because those people were afraid of her, no one had ever come to disturb her. Even the second princess did not appear.

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