Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2248 - Yun Chutian’s Return (12)

Chapter 2248: Yun Chutian's Return (12)

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Recalling the memories of the past, Wang Xuelian returned to the Prime Minister's estate soon after. From afar, she heard her father and Wang Haotian fighting.

"Father, I've said before that I will not marry the second princess!" Wang Haotian was very determined and remained unmoved.

Wang Yu slapped him in anger and said with overflowing rage, "Presumptuous! You abandoned the second princess on her wedding day and caused the Imperial Family to lose face. If th Emperor had not regard you highly, do you think you could possibly keep your life? Furthermore, Yun Chutian will meet her end sooner or later and following her will only encumber you!

Wang Haotian licked the blood traces on the corner of his lips and said. "I don't care, I was ignorant in the past and heeded all your instructions. Right now, I finally understand. One cannot continuously submit and I want to fight for my own happiness!"

"Shut up! You must marry the second princess or else the Emperor will never let you off!" Wang Yu bitterly berated.

I wonder what that woman Yun Chutian said to have brainwashed my son, giving him the nerve to rebel against my orders and not even respecting the Imperial Family. This situation can not be allowed to continue!

"Father." A sweet-tempered voice sounded from the back.

Turning his head, Wang Yu saw Wang Xuelian walking in and his tone became gentler. "Lian'er, what's the matter?"

"Father, I have some words to say to brother."

Wang Xuelian gently smiled but her smile did not reach her eyes. Her gaze towards Wang Haotian did not contain respect but instead, was filled with contempt.

I really wonder how the original Prime Minister's daughter ended up with such a brother. Why doesn't he want a good person like the second princess? If he married her, the Prime Minister Estate would also develop accordingly. But on the other hand, it would implicate her if he refused to marry the second princess.

"Why are you looking for me?" Wang Haotian angrily replied.

He didn't know if it was his misconception or not, but he felt that ever since his sister recovered from her illness, her personality had completely changed. In the past, Wang Xuelian would be considerate of him in all aspects but right now, she gave him the feeling… that she was very selfish! That's right, selfish! It seemed as though she had completely changed!

"Alright, I'll leave you to talk." Wang Yu did not notice anything and smiled while stroking Wang Xuelian's head before he left.

Wang Xuetian revealed a smile and said, "Brother, I know you've taken a fancy to the seventh princess."

Wang Haotian stared blankly and frowned. "She said that she's forgotten her previous identity. Right now, her name is Yun Chutian and you better not address her as the seventh princess."

"Brother," Wang Xuelian smiled. "Earlier on, I met the seve… Yun Chutian and there's a man following by her side. Coincidentally, I recognized that man."

Traces of doubt flashed through Wang Haotian's eyes. "How do you know Yun Chutian's fiancee?"

"Fiancee?" This word caused her heart to fiercely clutch tight and she lowered her eyes to conceal the hatred within. "So he's actually her fiancee…"

It must be that evil woman Yun Luofeng is forcing him to marry Yun Chutian and he definitely isn't willing! That evil woman is capable of doing anything!

"Brother," Wang Xuelian looked up and smiled while looking at Wang Haotian's handsome appearance. "Do you know the identity of that young man?"

"What about his identity?"

"I'm not clear about the specifics, but I do know that he has an evil mother." Wang Xuelian's eyes were filled with hatred. "Previously, I got to know a friend. Her parents were framed which led to their deaths when she was very young and the culprit was Yun Luofeng! She wanted to seize their assets and that was why she committed such an evil act!"

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