Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2246 - Yun Chutian’s Return (10)

Chapter 2246: Yun Chutian's Return (10)

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It would be a lie if he didn't feel good after hearing what she said. Yun Nianfeng's expression gradually eased and he pulled Yun Chutian to sit down by his side.

"Mother didn't reveal any specific information. Tell me, how did they bully you?" Yun Nianfeng caressed her beautiful hair and asked in a gentle voice.

Yun Chutian turned her head away. "Actually, that was something that happened when I was still young."

"Before I was five, I had always been staying in the Cold Palace with my imperial mother and I was very interested in medical skills. Furthermore, I had also imparted much knowledge about medicine to Ouyang Yue. At that time, she was the only person who would visit me in the Cold Palace and naturally, I easily trusted her."

"However, she used the prescription I gave her to save a lot of patients who suffered from an epidemic. Ultimately, she became the savior in everyone's eyes and for fear that I would expose her secret, she intentionally poisoned herself and framed it on me."

"Brother Nianfeng, did you know, at that time when I learned medical skills, I went to look for the man seated on the dragon chair. But he didn't believe me as he considered that a five-year-old child couldn't possibly know of any medical knowledge. Furthermore, in those five years, I had never been in contact with anyone in the Cold Palace and all the more, I couldn't become an apprentice to a master."

"Therefore, he believed Ouyang Yue firmly without a doubt and the masses spread around the word that Ouyang Yue was a goddess the heavens sent down to save them, while I was a devil that brought about harm to the goddess. That man didn't even investigate and ordered his men to tie me up to be burned at the stake."

Yun Chutian's voice was very calm. The incident had happened long ago and these memories had long faded. Right now, she had her father, mother and Brother Yun, and that was sufficient.

"That year, Mother and Father appeared in time and saved me. Otherwise, I'm afraid… I probably would have met my end." Yun Chutian lowered her eyes and quirked her lips with indifference.

Yun Nianfeng's heart ached and he pulled Yun Chutian into his embrace while his fingers gently caressed her head. "Tian'er, I will protect you and I will also kill those who had harmed you!" A trace of killing intent streaked across his eyes.

Although they had been well protected by Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao, Yun Nianfeng was still their child and the blood-thirsty trait in his bones couldn't be erased.

In particular, Yun Chutian was nearly killed by others. As he thought of that, fury gushed from his heart.

"Brother Nianfeng," Yun Chutian buried her head against Yun Nianfeng's chest and looked up at his handsome face. "I'm already satisfied right now. Mother and Father have always loved me like their own and it doesn't matter to me about other people."

She had never regarded that man as her father and Yun Xiao was the only father she had!

"Tian'er, do you know something?" Yun Nianfeng smiled. "This was something Mother told me before you came and I've always remembered it in my heart."

"What is it?"

"Actually, it wasn't completely random when Mother went looking for you. You were her daughter in your previous life and even though you weren't her biological child, she was the first person you saw when you opened your eyes. After that… you even gave up your life for her, so she went looking for you after you had reincarnated."

Yun Chutian was momentarily stunned. Looking up, she blinked her eyes. "So it turns out, this was how me and Mother's fate came about. It's no wonder I like her so much."

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