Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2245 - Yun Chutian’s Return (9)

Chapter 2245: Yun Chutian's Return (9)

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Yun Chutian wanted to speak up but Yun Nianfeng directly picked her up by the waist and jumped out from the window.

"Ahh!" On the streets, the passersby were shocked by the scene of a young man jumping down through the window with a young lady in his arms. Even after they left, the passerbys had not recovered from their shock.

Not far away, a yellow-robed lady foolishly stared in the direction that Yun Nianfeng had gone. Her eyes were filled with longing and she wasn't able to recover her senses for a long time…

Looking at the young lady's current appearance, the servant-maid standing behind her was unconsciously nervous as she asked, "Miss, what's wrong?"

The yellow-robed young lady shook her head but her gaze never shifted and a faintly discernible smile quirked on her lips. "I've finally found you…"

Even though ten years have passed and your appearance have changed, I can still recognize you at a glance…

The yellow-robed lady shut her eyes and her expression contained a deep pain.

She would never forget how her mother was framed and died. All the more, she would never forget how her mother entrusted her to take revenge! However, after her parents had been met their end, that person had also disappeared.

A while back, she followed a team deep into the mountains for exploration and lost her footing while accidentally hitting against a door. Furthermore, after pushing open the door, she arrived in this world. After she woke up she even became… the Prime Minister's daughter. Fortunately, she was feeling unwell today and did not attend her brother's wedding as she was afraid of bringing bad luck. Otherwise, she wouldn't have found him in this sea of people.

So what if he was her enemy's son? Ever since meeting him many years back, she swore that she would not marry unless he was the groom! Even if she had to give up on taking revenge, she had to become his wife!

Guest house.

Yun Nianfeng pushed opened the door and threw Yun Chutian on the bed.

Yun Chutian weakly shrunk back to the bedside, looking pitiful. "Mother promised she wouldn't tell you my whereabouts."

"Coming to Tianhuang City on your own, do you think Mom would be at ease? If you get deceived by some random man, I doubt you'll be returning in the future."

"I won't be deceived." Yun Chutian pouted and her eyes suddenly brightened. "Brother Nianfeng, are you jealous?"

Jealous? Yun Nianfeng's handsome face stiffened and he subconsciously turned his head so that he wouldn't have eye contact with her lively eyes.

"I'm only afraid that you would get deceived. Furthermore, I asked around earlier and that man named Wang Haotian nearly married the Imperial Family's princess! How could a man who is so casual about his marriage be a good person? More importantly, he also has concubines!"

Perhaps being deeply influenced by Yun Xiao, Yun Nianfeng naturally only wished to have one partner his whole life. As for a man like Wang Haotian, he would certainly look down on him.

"Chutian, you're still young and I'm afraid you would get cheated. When you grow older, I won't be concerned about you then."

"Really?" Yun Chutian got down from the bed and put her arms around Yun Nianfeng's neck. "Then when I'm older, you'll allow me to marry another man?"

Yun Nianfeng's heart tightened. He repeatedly said that Yun Chutian was too young and he was afraid that she might regret it in the future, and so did not progress any further with her. But if she really married another man…

He would most probably end that man's life!

"Brother Nianfeng, just admit that you're jealous." Yun Chutian's soft lips approached Yun Nianfeng's face as she laughed happily. "But you can rest assured that I will only marry you, Brother Nianfeng. Other men cannot be compared to you."

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