Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2243 - Yun Chutian’s Return (7)

Chapter 2243: Yun Chutian's Return (7)

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Wang Haotian blushed. "This… Miss Chutian hasn't returned to Tianhuang City for over a decade and I presume you're not familiar with the surroundings. I can bring you out to take a stroll."

Yun Chutian was momentarily distracted and she pursed her lips. "When I was in the palace, I had never taken a step out of the gates. The only time was when someone tied me up on a pillar on the streets and intended to burn me to death."

She did not have the slightest good memory of the four years spent within Tianhuang City. Therefore, she did not have anything she had recalled fondly of in this place.

Wang Tianhao scratched his head. "There are many interesting places and good food in Tianhuang City. Why don't I bring you out to play?"

Good food? Yun Chutian's eyes brightened and smiled. "Sure, I like desserts."

Wang Haotian smiled. "There's a teahouse with good desserts. Let me take you there."

Yun Chutian sucked her fingers and asked while blinking. "Oh, then thank you for that. However, wouldn't it be bad if you abandoned Ouyang Yue like that?"

She came here to wreck Ouyang Yue's happiness but she shouldn't implicate Wang Haotian, right? In any case, Wang Haotian wasn't the person she had a grudge with.

"I… don't want to marry her," Wang Haotian pursed his lips. "From the start, I never wanted to marry her."

Yun Chutian raised her chin. "If you don't want to marry her, why didn't you reject it from the beginning? My mother said that if you don't like someone, you shouldn't give them any hope! With such a marriage, both sides wouldn't be happy."

Wang Haotian stared blankly at the young lady's beautiful face. This was the first time he had heard someone telling him all this.

The common ideology was that their match would be decided by their parents and the matchmaker. By being born in this era, they couldn't choose to be with their loved one and so, he had heeded his parent's orders to marry someone he did not love.

"I… don't know…" His eyes were filled with complicated emotions. "No one has ever told me this before."

Yun Chutian raised her chin and said. "I am very grateful to my father and mother. They provided me with a good lifestyle and the best education. Furthermore… they also allowed me to decide my own marriage."

Wang Haotian looked at Yun Chutian in a daze. He suddenly had a feeling that she must've been very happy during the ten years after she left. Otherwise, how could a little girl who experienced that kind of hardship possess such a bright and beautiful smile?

"Then… do you have someone you like?" Wang Haotian's heart sped up and nervously gazed at Yun Chutian.

A matchlessly handsome appearance surfaced within Yun Chutian's mind and her face was similar to a peach, with her cheeks turning red. "I do."

She loved Brother Nianfeng and she would only marry him!

Wang Haotian lowered his head in disappointment. So it turns out… she already has someone she's deeply in love with. However, it would be pretty good to have such an adorable girl as a sister.

Wang Haotian quickly recovered from his disappointment by comforting himself. He then smiled and said, "Let's go, didn't you say that you were hungry earlier on? I'll bring you out to have some cakes."

"Okay." Hearing that there would be food, she forgot about everything and happily followed Wang Haotian as they walked out of the palace.

Tianhuang City.

As the most famous teahouse in Tianhuang City, it was already packed with people. Fortunately, Wang Haotian easily managed to book a room with his status as the Prime Minister's son. However, when the crowd spotted Wang Haotian who was supposed to be in the wedding ceremony and saw that he had even brought a young lady into the teahouse, they started gossiping.

"Who's the young lady following Wang Haotian? Her appearance is pretty good but doesn't she know that Wang Haotian is the second princess's husband? She had actually dared to openly enter the teahouse with him?"

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