Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2242 - Yun Chutian’s Return (6)

Chapter 2242: Yun Chutian's Return (6)

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Ouyang Xun's expression was very unsightly. "You mean it was Yue'er who framed you and seized your credit? You were only five that year so how could you possibly know anything? The treatment method was Yue'er's idea but you were so vicious to actually frame her!"

"I'm too lazy to argue with you." Yun Chutian's lively eyes looked mischievous. "However, since you're asking me to stay in the palace my mother resided in before, you mean to banish me to the Cold Palace?"

Ouyang Xun was stunned. How did he forget that this girl and her mother had spent their days in the Cold Palace?

"Then what do you want?"

"I feel that the Qinglan Palace that Ouyang Yue is residing in is pretty good. Why don't you yield it to me?"

"Do you know what you're saying?" Ouyang Xun gnashed his teeth. "That's your second sister's palace! Do you even deserve to stay there?"


Just as Ouyang Xun finished speaking, an ice-cold long sword was held against his neck. Her speed was extremely fast, to the extent Ouyang Xun did not have the opportunity to react…

He was astonished. It was the first time he noticed that his daughter had changed tremendously and there were probably only a few elders who could restrain her.

"Give me Qinglan Palace or else what awaits you will only be death!" She was smiling but her tone was extremely cold, causing Ouyang Xun to shiver.

"Let go of Imperial Father, I'll give you Qinglan Palace!" Ouyang Yue's expression was somewhat ashen as she tightly clenched her fist. Her fingernails had deeply pieced into her palms but she didn't notice in the slightest.

"You didn't give it to me, I obtained it with my own strength." Yun Chutian withdrew her sword and smiled with contempt. She obtained the palace with her own strength so what right did Ouyang Yue have to say she gave it to her?

"I'm hungry." Yun Chutian lazily stretched. "Remember to prepare meals for me. Ouyang Yue, if you wish to poison me, you can try. My parents have bathed me in a medicated bath since I was young and I'm already invulnerable to poison."

Yun Chutian was spot on about Ouyang Yue's intentions, causing her to flush red from embarrassment and feel ashamed. After speaking, Yun Chutian walked out of the palace.

"Miss Chutian, wait for me." Wang Haotian removed his wedding robes, thinking of following her.

Ouyang Yue became anxious and pulled Wang Haotian's sleeve. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Nothing, I just don't want to continue this wedding."

He originally didn't want to get married, but his father fixed this wedding without asking for his opinion. This was also a marriage that the Emperor bestowed and he was unable to reject it. More importantly, he did not have anyone he liked and marrying anyone didn't matter to him. However… the instant Yun Chutian stepped into the Taihe Palace, he finally understood what it meant to fall in love at first sight!

That's right, he fell in love with Yun Chutian at first sight! Naturally, he did not wish to marry Ouyang Yue.

Wang Haotian's strength was much more powerful than Ouyang Yue as he directly pushed her away and ran out. Ouyang Xun was in shock and he finally recovered his senses after Wang Haotian left.

At this very moment, under the gaze of civil and military officials, Ouyang Yue felt extremely ashamed and wanted to find a hole to burrow into, while her hatred for Yun Chutian had also increased.

The Prime Minister was the first to recover his senses and apologetically said, "Your Majesty, your subject failed to properly educate my son and I'll bring him back this very instant."

Ouyang Xun sighed and waved his hand, ordering the Prime Minister to retreat.

Within the imperial garden, the young lady had a smile that was pretty and moving. Her face was like a rosy peach and probably due to her good mood, her pair of eyes became crescent-shaped.

"Miss Chutian." Wang Haotian hastily chased over from behind and shouted.

Yun Chutian stopped in her tracks and looked at Wang Haotian in confusion. "Why are you looking for me?"

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