Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2241 - Yun Chutian’s Return (5)

Chapter 2241: Yun Chutian's Return (5)

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The group of guards swiftly unsheathed their weapons and attacked Yun Chutian.

Wang Haotian's expression changed as he hastily said, "Miss Chutian, be careful!"

However, the next scene frightened everyone to the point that their hearts almost stopped beating. The young lady waved her long sleeves around and a gentle breeze spread out. Not to mention harming her, the guards couldn't even get closer to her than 10 meters.

As soon as they had taken two steps foward, they were pushed back as she waved her arms. If they wanted to close their distance by force, they would then start bleeding from their seven apertures.

"When will those top elders come out of closed-door cultivation?" Ouyang Xun's expression sank and as he questioned.

When did this girl become so powerful? Unless it was those few elders within the Imperial Family, probably no one would be her opponent.

No matter how many guards dashed over, even the general couldn't touch the corner of her robes.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, there's still another month before the elders come out from closed-door cultivation. Furthermore, they said that we should never disturb them no matter what happens." The eunuch wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as he spoke while trembling.

"There's still one month left?" Ouyang Xun's expression darkened. This girl probably obtained some fortuitous encounter outside, allowing her strength to increase several notches. Right now, we will appease her and after the elders come out of closed-door cultivation, we will have them end her life!

Thinking of this, Ouyang Xun tightly clenched his fist and sternly shouted. "Everyone, stop your attacks!"

After he spoke, those guards encircling Yun Chutian dispersed and respectfully awaited for Ouyang Xun's orders.

Looking at the numerous guards on the floor who had died, Ouyang Xun's lips twitched. He had expended many resources to train those guards but as a result of this, half of them had met their demise!

He took a deep breath and forcefully spoke in a gentle tone. "Xin'er, I was only joking with you earlier on… Since you've returned, then I shall order servants to tidy up the palace your mother previously resided in."

"As I said before, I forgot my previous name. Right now, my surname is Yun and I'm called Yun Chutian."

Ouyang Xun's expression changed. "In any case, I'm still your biological father and I've forgiven your previous mistakes but you actually want to change your name?"

Her lips quirked up and she retorted, "I only have one father and his name is Yun Xiao."

Yun Xiao? Ouyang Xun frowned. That name seemed very familiar, and he seemed to have heard it somewhere else, yet he could not match a face to the name at that moment…

"Yun Chutian!" Ouyang Yue took a deep breath and said. "Since Father is willing to forgive you, what else can I say? You were evil-hearted since you were young and you even attempted to poison me. Now that you're older, you've become even more evil to have killed these guards!"

However, no one witnessed how Yun Chutian ended their lives. It was only after those watching had recovered their senses that they witnessed those guards which had fallen on the floor…

Of course, Ouyang Yue's words were spoken for Wang Haotian ears, to bring to his attention what personality Yun Chutian had!

How dare she say Wang Haotian was blind to marry her? Instead, anyone who took a fancy to an evil woman like Yun Chutian was blind!

Yun Chutian laughed with scorn as she slowly walked towards Ouyang Yue. Slightly lifting her chin, she looked down on her and said, "Ouyang Yue, my dearest second sister. You seem to have forgotten the truth behind the poisoning incident back then. Was I the real culprit who poisoned you, or were you the one who seized my credit and framed me?" Her voice was not lowered in the slightest, and all the civil and military officials had heard what she said.

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