Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2240 - Yun Chutian’s Return (4)

Chapter 2240: Yun Chutian's Return (4)

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"Lastly, husband and wife shall enter the…"

Before he managed to finish, a heavy voice suddenly sounded from outside the Taihe Palace. The crowd was still unaware of the situation and the bodyguards situated outside the hall had crashed into the crowd with a bang.

"Men!" Ouyang Xun's expression changed and sternly shouted, "Take down the assassin!" For having the nerve to cause trouble in the palace, you're simply seeking death!

Just as those bodyguards moved, a pink robe that was like peach petals falling had floated in from the door. It was so beautiful to the extent that they could not look away…

The young lady had a fair immature face, and her half-crescent moon features were prettier than the moon.

A group of bodyguards encircled her and she acted as if she was unaware of their encirclement while she maintained a straight face. Her slightly quirked lips contained a hint of ridicule.

"Who are you!" Back when Yun Chutian left, she was only four years old and now that ten years had passed, so how could Ouyang Xun possibly recognize his daughter?

Yun Chutian lightly chuckled and her moving face had a smiling expression.

"I've forgotten my previous name but my current name is Yun Chutian. If I have to say something to identify myself, then I'm that girl that was tied to the tree on your orders to be burned at the stake!"


Ouyang Xun stood up in fright, while his complexion became deathly white.

Ten years ago, Yun Chutian was supposed to be burned to death in Tianhuang City, but at a crucial moment, a dragon appeared and took her away! This… had also become Ouyang Xun's nightmare of many years. However, right now, the root of the nightmare had appeared again?

"It's you!" Ouyang Yue lifted the veil on her phoenix crown and her eyes coldly stared at the peach-like face of Yun Chutian and she tightly clenched her first. "You've actually… returned?"

"Are you disappointed that I've come back?" Yun Chutian faintly smiled as she looked towards Ouyang Yue, with a chill within her eyes. "Or perhaps, you're afraid of something?"

"You…" Ouyang Yue nearly went crazy from rage but she forcefully suppressed her temper as she was in a public place with numerous spectators. "I always thought you were eaten by that dragon. I heard that the dragon race had a habit of eating humans and would travel everywhere in search of humans with trashy talents. That's why I am so shocked at your appearance. How did you manage to escape from the Dragon Clan?"

Her words implied that Yun Chutian's innate talent was trash and would never be connected with the Dragon Clan. They merely wanted to devour her and so forcefully captured her.

Now that she had returned, it wasn't due to the Dragon Clan releasing her… instead, she merely escaped due to a fluke.

"You can say whatever you want." Yun Chutian shrugged her shoulders. "I will never leave after coming here today unless I thoroughly break you."

After she spoke, she turned to the groom and blinked her eyes. "Your taste is very bad, how did you even fancy a woman like Ouyang Yue?"

Looking at her bright and beautiful smile, Wang Haotian blushed and his heartbeat unconsciously sped up.

"I don't wish to marry her. It was my father who forced me." It was absolutely not because his taste was bad!

"Wang Haotian!" Ouyang Yue overflowed with anger.

As the Imperial Family's princess, marrying a prime minister's son was considered as bringing about status and wealth for them, allowing them climbing up the social ladder. But as a result, he even said such words before the public?

"That year you managed to escape a calamity, yet you actually had the nerve to return to our Tianhuang City to be presumptuous?!" Ouyang Xun angrily stood up and slammed his hand on the table. "Men, arrest this girl!"


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