Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2239 - Yun Chutian’s Return (3)

Chapter 2239: Yun Chutian's Return (3)

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"Okay." Yun Luofeng agreed to Yun Chutian's request after considering for a moment. "You can find Nianfeng to help you if anything happens."

"Thank you, Mother." She revealed a picturesque smile as her facial features were similar to a half-crescent moon that was prettier than the bright moon.

"Father, Mother, then I shall not disturb the both of you flirting with each other. Goodbye." She waved her hand and rapidly disappeared from the courtyard like a gust of wind.

Yun Luofeng glanced at the direction Yun Chutian had disappeared and helplessly shook her head. "This girl…"

"Feng'er." Yun Xiao's voice was deep and hoarse, while his gaze contained gentle emotions. "It has already been two days since we…"

Yun Luofeng was momentarily stunned and just as she recovered her senses, she was lifted up by this grim-looking man as he took large strides in the direction of the back garden.

After Yun Chutian received Yun Luofeng's approval, she returned to her room to pack her belongings in silence. The only unfortunate thing was that Nianfeng had yet to return after going out. She was silent for a long time before she took up the writing brush and left a letter behind before she departed.

The distance between the Jun Family and Tianhuang City wasn't very far and she arrived there in half a day. Looking at the familiar plants and trees within Tianhuang City, she recalled the scene when she was four. It also caused her fist to tighten as her eyes were cold.

However… today's Tianhuang City was very festive and even the masses wore a smile across their faces.

Yun Chutian took a deep breath and suppressed her internal rage. Casually grabbing a passerby, she asked. "Can I ask what's happening within the Tianhuang City in recent days?"

Just as the passerby wanted to get angry about getting stopped, he saw the beautiful young lady standing before him and stuttered, "Mi… Miss, recently… recently the second princess and young master of the prime minister are getting engaged. Everyone is celebrating due to this as not only is the second princess beautiful and kindhearted, she is also perfect and matchless."

Upon speaking of the second princess, his stutter disappeared and his speech became clear as his eyes contained reverence.

Everyone in Tianhuang City had a favorable impression of this second princess. If it weren't for her, the entire city would've been buried by the epidemic ten years ago.

Yun Chutian sneered. She slowly shut her eyes and opened them after a long time while an angry smile surfaced on her lips.

"Second princess, Ouyang Yue…"

If this Ouyang Yue hadn't gained her skills by cheating, how could she possibly have obtained her current position? Yun Chutian had returned to destroy her happiness and reveal her true colors before everyone!

"Do you know where their wedding ceremony will be held?" The passerby foolishly stared at the picturesque young lady. "Taihe Palace."

The second princess's marriage was something everyone celebrated together.

A woman wearing a phoenix coronet and red wedding robes slowly entered the hall under all the civil and military officials' eyes that were filled with blessings within the Taihe Palace. In her hand was one end of a red embroidered ball while the other end was in an extremely handsome man's hands.

A faint smile hung on the man's face and he had a gentle gaze. However, under that gentleness, there was an unnoticeable apathy.

The Emperor Ouyang Xun and Empress Li Xinzheng seated high above looked at the couple with a deep smile on their faces.

"First pray to heaven and earth!"

The bride and groom lowered their heads and paid respects to the heaven and earth.

"Second pray to your parents!"

"Exchange prayers between husband and wife!"

Following the eunuch's pointed voice, Ouyang Yue slowly turned and once again lowered her head while facing the man who was about to become her husband.

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