Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2232 - Another Story of Huaxia (73)

Chapter 2232: Another Story of Huaxia (73)

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Hearing this, Liang Qi was startled and turned her to look at Hong Luan. She recognized Yun Luofeng, but this was her first time meeting this woman. The woman was very beautiful. Her red clothes perfectly complemented her figure, and her lips were turned up with a smile that reached her upturned eyes.

"Nangong, she's your wife?" Liang Qi pursed her lips. "Why did I never met her back in Huaxia University? What school did she graduate from?"

"I never went to school."

Because she had always only known how to fight…

"Never went to school?" Liang Qi was startled. Then she said in grief, "We were once classmates at least, I truly can't bear to see you fall like this. You were so outstanding and worked hard to achieve great things. Why would you marry a woman like that? She isn't worthy of you."

Although Nangong Yunyi was someone who she discarded, she was unwilling to see Nangong Yunyi show off a woman in front of her.

Disappointment flashed through Nangong Yunyi's eyes. He suspected that he must have been blind to have liked a gold-seeking woman like that.


Seeing that Nangong Yunyi did not say anything, Liang Qi wanted to speak again, but Nangong abruptly walked up and gripped Liang Qi by her lapels and fiercely tossed her out.

There were quite a few people inside the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy. They were startled by Nangong Yunyi's actions and frantically dispersed to the side, allowing Liang Qi to heavily fall into the crowd.

"You…" Liang Qi's eyes widened in disbelief. She dumbfoundedly looked at Nangong Yunyi, her face pale from fright and her body trembling.

"I have never hit a woman, but I will break my rule for you!" Nangong Yunyi snorted. "Who do you think you are to dare to criticize Luan'er? You won't know the things she knows even if you spent a thousand years! So what if you went to a university? My Luan'er can crush you with a finger."

Hong Luan's mouth twitched. Why did she feel like she became a shrew through Nangong Yunyi's description?

"Bro Nan!" Liang Qi shook from anger and aggrievedly called.

Her aggrieved voice caused the man called Bro Nan to regain his wits and he furiously charged toward Nangong Yunyi.

"You dare to hit my woman? You are asking for death!"

He threw a punch at Nangong Yunyi but before it could reach him, he was stopped by a lily-white hand.

"When Nangong said I could crush you with a finger, he wasn't lying. However, Luofeng also said that I can't kill people as I please here, so you must thank your laws for letting you keep your life!"

After saying that, Hong Luan lifted the man up with one hand before mercilessly tossing him away.


The man fell on the ground in a battered state. His face was livid and full of shame.


Suddenly, police sirens were heard from the outside, and a group of police officers rushed into the Pharmacy a moment later. One of them asked, "Who called the police just now?"

Xue Dong weakly raised his hand. "It was me…"

If he had known Nangong Yunyi and his woman would be so ass-kicking, he would not have called the police.

"What happened?" the leading police officer coldly asked.

Xue Dong pointed at Bro Nan and Liang Qi on the ground. "They were causing trouble inside the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy."

The Godly Doctor's Pharmacy currently had an extremely high status in Huaxia because the spirit herbs provided by the pharmacy strengthened the military forces of Huaxia. As soon as they heard that someone was causing trouble in the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy, this group of police did not dare to neglect it at all.

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