Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2231 - Another Story of Huaxia (72)

Chapter 2231: Another Story of Huaxia (72)

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Yun Xuelian got up from the ground, tears drenching her pale, little face as she silently walked out.

Yun Luofeng had left the prison already, so she had no idea that Li Cuicui would tell Yun Xuelian these things. Even if she knew though, she would not care.


Yun Luofeng had just arrived at the entrance of the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy when she saw Nangong Yunyi and Hong Luan. They had turned around, saw Yun Luofeng, and happily went up to her.

"Luofeng, why did you come?" Hong Luan joyfully asked, looping her arms around Yun Luofeng's arm.

"It's about time to leave. I still have some tasks to entrust." Yun Luofeng entered the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy with a smile.

At this time, there were still some customers inside the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy. When Yun Luofeng saw one of the customers, a peculiar glint flashed through her eyes.

The woman who was in a dispute with Xue Dong also discovered someone coming. She looked back and caught sight of Nangong Yunyi, astonishment flashing through her eyes.

"It's you?"

Wasn't this the poor boy who she rejected in Huaxia University back then? Why did he show up here?

The handsome man next to the woman also saw the approaching Nangong Yunyi and pulled Liang Qi into his arms with a frown. He provocatively asked, "Qiqi, who's he?"

Liang Qi bit her lips. "Merely an admirer of mine. He was also involved in the laboratory explosion case back at Huaxia University. When people told me he was still alive some time ago, I didn't believe it. I didn't expect him to really come back…"

In truth, Liang Qi once had some affection toward Nangong Yunyi, but this affection was shattered by reality in the end. She was born impoverished, so she merely wanted to find a breadwinner to marry. No matter how much she liked Nangong Yunyi, she could not accept a poor man.

"Oh, so it's an old admirer of yours. I wonder how's his family background?" The man arrogantly lifted his head and evaluated Nangong Yunyi, contempt flashing through his eyes.

"His family background is on the normal side."

"Normal? So a poor guy? A poor guy like him dares to pursue women?" The man snorted. His eyes continually swept over Yun Luofeng and Hong Luan, who were standing next to Nangong Yunyi.

Nangong Yunyi's face darkened. Before he could say anything, Yun Luofeng spoke, "Xue Dong, kick these two people out."

"You…" The man's expression shifted. "Since the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy is open for business, its goal is to profit. I have plenty of money. If they dare to kick me out, I will make this store unable to be open any longer!"

Liang Qi pulled on the man's arm. "Bro Nan, let's not cause trouble. Let's hurry and leave."

"Why should I leave?!" The man sent a cold look toward Nangong Yunyi. "Punk, you dared to pursue my woman, so you must apologize to me!"

Seeing that the man was unwilling to leave, Liang Qi kept sending looks to Nangong Yunyi. "Nangong, apologize to Bro Nan and make him let you go. Otherwise, I can't help you,"

She did once have feelings for Nangong Yunyi, so even though she did not accept him, she could not be heartless to a man she used to like.

"Tch." Hong Luan chuckled derisively. "I saw something new today. My man didn't say a single word, yet you are forcing him to apologize?"

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