Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2228 - Another Story of Huaxia (69)

Chapter 2228: Another Story of Huaxia (69)

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Li Cuicui snorted and closed her eyes. She silently sat in the corner of the elevator, her whole body shivering.

Yun Pharmaceutical Corporation:

Two transparent figures stood under a nearby tree with the moonlight falling on them. Their faces had lost their earlier malevolence and returned to their usual gentle appearance.

"Xiao Luofeng, we frightened those two people just now, so their minds will soon crumble…" The woman giggled joyously, but her giggles turned into a light sigh in the end. "However, we should leave."

"Mom…" Yun Luofeng tightly grasped the woman's hand. "I will still go to see you then."

Miao Fang chuckled. "Our wishes have been fulfilled, and you can't enter the place we are going. If fate wills it, we will meet again in the next life."

After saying that, they turned more and more transparent until they completely disappeared.

Yun Luofeng continued looking at the spot where they had disappeared, a smile rising on her lips. "No one can stop me from going to where I want to in the Seven Province Continent. Why should I be restricted here in Huaxia? Yun Xiao, let's go."

Then, she turned around and walked forward.

Currently, Li Cuicui and Yun Tianqi had no idea that Yun Ling and Miao Fang had left already. Miao Fang had found some nearby ghosts to play mischief on them and not allow them to leave the elevator.

This night of torment would be a long ride for them!

Of course, things did happen as planned. When people arrived at the company the next day, they discovered Li Cuicui curled up in the corner of the elevator on the ground floor, and Yun Tianqi was dementedly pressing the ground floor button with fear in his eyes.

After realizing the elevator doors were open, he madly dashed out and guffawed. His crazed expression scaring the people who arrived at the company.

"I'm free! I'm finally free!" He continued laughing, and his bloodshot eyes looked savage.

Although Li Cuicui did not act, she was muttering to herself the whole time, "Miao Fang, don't come to find me. This had nothing to do with me. I didn't kill you on purpose…"

Kill you?

This… stupefied the listeners, and they hurriedly called the police. Some people also went to the surveillance room to check what had happened. However, when they saw the events that had occurred inside the elevator last night, everyone was thrown into an array of confusion.

The elevator had clearly descended to the ground floor, so why did Yun Tianqi continue to madly press the button for the ground floor? It was like the elevator had some terrifying existence inside.

Quickly, the police came. The words that Li Cuicui spoke during her nervous breakdown also became evidence of a crime, and the police launched an investigation into the matter.

Originally, with the Li Family's wealth, it would not be a big problem for them to rescue Li Cuicui. However, Nangong Yunyi had already informed his grandfather about it, and Grandfather Nangong had told the Chief of Police to investigate this matter like an important case.

They would have been in the dark if they had not investigated it, but the results were shocking.

First, someone sent evidence of Li Cuicui framing Fu Ru five years ago and also sent the scene that happened inside the cafe's restroom to the police station. Of course, the part where Miao Fang appeared to scare them had been deleted.

Then, through Li Cuicui's words, they discovered that Yun Tianqi and her had hired hitmen to kill his brother and sister-in-law many years ago and seized his brother's assets. They also discovered how they set up the only daughter of his brother, Yun Luofeng, and expelled her from the family.

Suddenly, the results spreadly widely on the internet. Many people requested Yun Tianqi and his wife to be severely punished, or else the people they harmed would be wronged.

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