Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2227 - Another Story of Huaxia (68)

Chapter 2227: Another Story of Huaxia (68)

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"I'm looking for my eyes. Have you seen them?"

"Ahh!!!" A shrill scream echoed through the office. Li Cuicui felt her heart stop beating as she looked at the man in front of them, her face ashen.

The man's face was badly mutilated as well, and his appearance could not be identified. Blood pumped out of his skeletal eye sockets, and his mouth was cracked open, big enough to swallow a person.

"Oh, my eyes." The man smiled. "It turns out my eyes are with you. Return my eyes to me."

Hearing the man's creepy words, Li Cuicui looked down and saw that she had two eyeballs in her hand. Scared, she immediately tossed it away and knelt down with a plop.

"Brother, I beg you to leave us alone. I was wrong! I will definitely burn some incense for you when I get back. I beg you to not come and scare me anymore."

Although she could not see the man's face, she could still guess his identity from his physique. Moreover, the hitmen they sent back then did dig out his eyes, and even this face of his was cut by the people she sent.

"I finally found my eyes. Thank you." The man's tone was both very polite and very creepy. "However, where's my daughter? I also have a daughter. Didn't you promise to take care of her? Can you return my daughter to me? Return her to me."

The man floated to Yun Tianqi, his face malevolent and terrifying. "I want my daughter. I want my daughter!"

This time, the intensely frightened Yun Tianqi finally regained his senses. He released a scared shout, "Brother, is it you? You really returned?"

"Give me my daughter, give me!!!" another creepy voice spoke.

They saw a woman in white floating nearby. Her two hands were squeezing Yun Tianqi's neck. "You cruel traitors! You killed us, stole our wealth, and also abused my daughter!"

"Cough, cough!" Yun Tian struggled for air, his face flushed. He was fearfully looking at the bloody-faced woman in front of him. "Sis-sister-in-law, I was wrong…"

Li Cuicui did not lie to him. They really came back to take revenge!

"Hahaha!" The man released a string of cold laughter. "Apologize? I will wait for your apology in Yama's Hall!"

Yun Tian's eyes started rolling to the back of his head from being strangled. His mind was also completely blank. An unknown amount of time passed by, and just when he was certain he was going to die, the hands strangling him loosened.

Yun Tianqi opened his eyes, only to discover the two ghosts standing in front of him earlier had disappeared. He hastily touched his neck, and feeling the fresh and clean air, he unconsciously took a deep breath.

"We… are still alive?"

Being alive… was truly wonderful.

"Let's hurry and leave. We won't be able to otherwise!"

After saying that, Yun Tianqi hurriedly stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor after Li Cuicui entered.

Sensing the speed of the elevator descending, Yun Tianqi breathed a sigh of relief, however, before he finished sighing, he abruptly discovered that the elevator was descending, but the button was still on the 10th floor.

What… what was going on…

"We can't leave." Li Cuicui snorted. "Neither of us can leave today. There's no way they would spare us."

"Shut up!" Yun Tianqi angrily shouted. His eyes were bloodshot as he slammed the button for the ground floor. "I don't believe we can't leave! He's nothing but a ghost! How could a dead person fight with live people?"

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