Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2225 - Another Story of Huaxia (66)

Chapter 2225: Another Story of Huaxia (66)

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The man's arm was closely looped around the good-looking girl's waist, and he kissed her. "This is the office after all. If that old hag of mine happens to charge in, we will be caught red-handed. How about we open a room later…"

The girl chidingly pushed the man and titillatingly smiled. "Chairman, didn't you say Madam was sick at home? Then there's no way she would come here. We haven't tried having fun in the office yet."

"Haha." Yun Tianqi chuckled and impatiently pulled the girl's dress back. "Then we don't have to hold back. It's no big deal even if that old hag sees something, my Yun Corporation is getting larger and larger, so she's not that useful anymore."

After saying that, Yun Tianqi also took off his pants and charged in. However, a short while after he began, the office door was kicked open with a bang.

"Tianqi." Li Cuicui had just rushed in when the offending scene in the room clashed into her sight, causing her to be stunned still.

Yun Tianqi did not expect Li Cuicui to charge in at a time like this, panic flashed through his eyes. He hurriedly released the girl he was pressing down and anxiously explained, "Cuicui, let me explain!"

"AHHH!" Li Cuicui finally reacted and madly dashed toward the naked girl, her sharp nails mercilessly slashing her face. "You b*tch, you dare to seduce someone's man! I'm going to rip your face apart!"

"Cuicui!" Yun Tianqi shoved Li Cuicui away and protected the girl behind him. "Don't be so impulsive. She's innocent."

Innocent? Li Cuicui's widened her eyes. He actually said a vixen like her that seduced someone's man was innocent?

"Yun Tianqi, I treat you so well, and my Li Family is also totally devoted to you, but what about you? Why would you treat me like this?" Li Cuicui was livid with anger and mercilessly flung a slap on his face. "No wonder you didn't touch me all that much this year. It's because of this vixen! Let me tell you, I absolutely won't spare you cheating two!"

A cold smile appeared on the girl being protected behind Yun Tianqi.

Li Cuicui, serves you right! I didn't come to Yun Corporation in vain today! Not only will I steal your man, but I will also make you feel so much pain that you will wish you were dead!

"Enough!" Yun Tianqi harshly shouted. "Li Cuicui, don't think I'm afraid of you. Everything will be fine if you complacently be the Madam of the Yun Corporation. Linda's appearance won't affect your position! But if you unreasonably cause trouble, I will divorce you!"

He originally wanted to explain himself, but this woman did not even take a look at herself. She was simply like a lunatic. He truly could not raise any interest for a lunatic like her.

Li Cuicui was trembling as she furiously pointed at Yun Tianqi. "You want to divorce me?"

He wants to divorce me for a woman like that?

"Yun Tianqi, don't forget how much hardship I suffered for you! You also took part in killing Yun Ling and Miao Fang back then!"

"Shut up!" Yun Tianqi hurriedly covered Li Cuicui's mouth, cold sweat streaming down his forehead.

Although he was close to Linda, he was absolutely unwilling to let a third person know about things like this.

However, Li Cuicui mustered up strength from somewhere and shoved Yun Tianqi's hand away. She snorted, "Afraid now? Unfortunately, it's useless even if you are! Mian Fang found us, hahaha! She is coming to pick us up! We won't be able to escape from death, yet you have the mood to protect this woman!"

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