Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2223 - Another Story of Huaxia (64)

Chapter 2223: Another Story of Huaxia (64)

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She originally wanted to quickly take care of Lin Qing and then leave, so she especially placed a restroom out-of-order sign outside. Yet, why did people come still? As if it were not enough that people came, Lin Qing had made such a ruckus but no one noticed it. This was too preposterous…

"Heh!" Suddenly, a snort rang in the spacious restroom, causing Li Cuicui to jolt from fright.

She frantically rubbed her shoulders and asked while biting her lips, "You are about to die, why are you laughing?"

Lin Qing's eyes became more frightened. "I… I didn't laugh."

"Didn't laugh? Besides you and me, could there possibly be someone else inside this restroom?" Li Cuicui sneered.

Wanting to scare her? Impossible! In any case, Lin Qing must die!

Thinking to this point, Li Cuicui walked toward Lin Qing again and the knife in her hand slashed down.


Another snort was heard next to Li Cuicui's ears.

This time, she clearly saw Lin Qing's eyes squeezed shut from fear, and her mouth did not move the slightest. In other words, there was a third person in this restroom?

Li Cuicui's hand shuddered, and she lost her hold on the knife, the knife slipping to the floor. Her face was ghastly pale, and her lips were trembling. "Who's there? Who is it?"

At that moment, whether it was Lin Qing or Li Cuicui, they could feel that the bathroom air was extremely cold, and the lights were eerie in how they kept flicking on and off. Their hair stood on end.


A cold wind blew past, coincidentally right next to Li Cuicui's ears. Her mind finally crumbled, and she shrilly screamed. She promptly picked up the knife and turned around, slashing down. However, there was only air behind her and nothing else.

"Who's there?! Who is pretending to be a ghost to deceive people?! I, Li Cuicui, have never believed in the supernatural. Immediately show yourself!"

A figure in white floated past Li Cuicui, but it was too fast, causing Li Cuicui to stumble from fear and she nearly fell. "Just who are you?!"

Could it be that Li Qing knew she wanted to kill her, so she specially hired someone to frighten her? No, this woman couldn't be that smart!

Drip, drip.

The sound of water dripping stood out in the silent restroom, every drip echoing in their ears.

Li Cuicui felt something wet dripping onto her head, and she hastily wiped it. With the help of the flickering lights, she saw red on her hands.



This scene caused Li Cuicui to suffer from immense fright. She screeched, but when she wanted to look up, a headful of black hair suddenly cascaded down from the air above her, coming face to face with her.

When Lin Qing saw this, she promptly fainted and limply laid on the floor.

Li Cuicui also wanted to faint, but she was unable to. Shakily, she asked, "Are you… a person or ghost?"

"Heh." The long-haired woman snorted. Her voice was eerie, giving people a chilly feeling. "You don't remember me."

The woman's skeletal hands pushed aside her long hair, and a bloody and ravaged face was unveiled. Her eyeballs were nearly falling out and hung loosely in their sockets, her mouth was cracked wide, and chilly laughter was coming out of her.

"Cuicui, I miss you a lot… You promised you would take care of my daughter. Why did you evict her?"

Every sentence was like a demand for her life. It also caused Li Cuicui's last straw of sanity to collapse; she completely crumbled. She wildly waved her knife with everything she had to chop the ravaged-looking woman. Every hit was like slashing through air, and the woman remained motionless in front of her, ominously smiling.

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