Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2221 - Another Story of Huaxia (62)

Chapter 2221: Another Story of Huaxia (62)

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"I will find a solution." Yun Xiao lowered his head to lay a gentle kiss on Yun Luofeng's lips with a smile. "Alright?"


She believed in him. He would accomplish anything that he said. Yun Luofeng tightly embraced Yun Xiao's waist.

Capital Elementary:

Yun Nianfeng was holding onto Yun Chutian and joyfully darting out of the school. However, he was running too fast and accidentally ran into someone, causing him to slam to a halt.

"Um… are you okay?" Yun Nianfeng apologetically asked as he looked at a doll-like girl who fell to the ground.

The little girl was very good looking, but… compare to his Chutian, she was still lacking.

"Brat, you dared to bump into my daughter!"

Without waiting for the girl to say anything, a sumptuously dressed mother madly ran over and picked up the girl from the ground. She furiously glared at him. "Who are your parents? Tell them to come out immediately!"

"Nianfeng." Yun Chutian tugged on Yun Nianfeng's hand and gestured at the shouting mother with her eyes.

Yun Nianfeng's eyes also swept over the mother's face, his fair and delicate face full of disdain. "I already apologized, what else do you want? With a mother like you, your daughter is truly unfortunate. Tian'er, let's go!"

He pulled onto Yun Chutian and wanted to leave.

The mother suddenly flew into a rage and extended her hand, wanting to push Yun Nianfeng. But Yun Nianfeng dodged and accidentally extended his leg, causing the mother to immediately trip onto the ground and screech.

"Auntie, watch where you are walking, don't blame me for carelessly tripping." Yun Nianfeng pulled a face and ran off before the mother could recover.

"Mom." The little girl had no regard for her fallen mother. Her glistening eyes were intently watching Yun Nianfeng. "That brother is really pretty. Xue'er wants to be married to him."

"Since that child is so rude, his parents mustn't be anything good either. You mustn't be interested in a beggar child like him!" The mother snorted and furiously stared at the direction that Yun Nianfeng departed. Her eyes darkened and she ordered, "Uncle Li, look into this child's background! Also, escort Miss back, I have something else to do."

"Yes, Madam," Uncle Li reverently responded.

Outside the school grounds, Yun Nianfeng saw that there was no one chasing them and frowned. "How were we so unlucky to be in the same elementary school as that woman's daughter."

"Brother, didn't Mother already say that Yun Tianqi and Li Cuicui won't live for more than a few days. Let her jump around however she wants for a few more days." Yun Chutian beamed, revealing her cute little eyeteeth.

That was right, the people they ran into earlier were Li Cuicui and Yun Xuelian.

Hearing this, Yun Nianfeng's smile grew bigger. "We won't have to go to school in a few more days! I really hate staying with a group of brats! It's so boring."

Hearing this, Yun Chutian rolled her eyes. You say that like you aren't a brat yourself…

"Let's go, Tian'er, come home with Brother." Yun Nianfeng held onto Yun Chutian's hand with a little backpack on his back and walked towards their home. Anyhow, they would be able to leave after enduring it for a few more days… He wondered how his mother's plan was progressing…

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