Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2216 - Another Story of Huaxia (57)

Chapter 2216: Another Story of Huaxia (57)

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A smile rose on Yun Luofeng's lips. "Tomorrow, I will come and find you at the arranged meet-up location, but… don't die too quickly."

After saying that, they disappeared into thin air.

Yes, they disappeared into thin air. This supernatural scene caused Lin Qing to be paralyzed with fear. It was a while before she recalled Yun Luofeng's words.

"But… don't die too quickly…"

That sentence was like a curse and echoed in her ears, causing her face to turn pale.

Could it be that the boss wants to kill her? No! She had evidence against her in her possession! She absolutely wouldn't dare to do that! Thinking about this, Lin Qing relaxed. That woman just now was merely scaring her. How could that boss really kill her?

"Xiao Qing, she's gone?" The blond youth stopped feigning death and got up from the ground. Looking at the empty room, he relaxed. "How did you provoke a freak like that?"

To the blond youth, Yun Luofeng and her husband were freaks without a doubt!

Lin Qing bit her lips. "Come and see her with me tomorrow."

"What?" Hearing this, the blond youth jumped up and dryly chuckled, "Xiao Qing, don't kid with me. Didn't you hear what that woman said just now? That boss wants to kill you."

Lin Qing's eyes darkened. "Don't forget, you spent quite a bit of that several million of mine. What? It's none of your business now that we have trouble?"

The blond youth chuckled. "I don't want to enter this muddy water. Go by yourself."

After saying that, he picked up his clothes from the sofa and swiftly walked to the door without looking back.

"You…" Lin Qing's expression dramatically shifted. "If you leave then don't ever come back!"

However, the blond youth still left. He did not take a single look at Lin Qing the whole time.

Lin Qing crumbled to the ground, tears flowing out of her eyes, and her ashen face was eclipsed by despair.

Men were truly unreliable! Back when she had money, he went along with whatever she said. But now that the money was all spent and they ran into trouble, he fled faster than anyone! However, Lin Qing had no alternative. She silently stood up, allowing her tears to flow freely.

"Teacher Fu Ru, I'm sorry…"

It was only now that Lin Qing felt guilt. Of course, if it weren't for Yun Luofeng's appearance, she never would have felt that she did something wrong to Fu Ru. It was only because she understood that even if that boss didn't do anything to her, Yun Luofeng also wouldn't spare her… This was why she regretted it. She regretted plotting against Fu Ru.

If she could do it all over again, she definitely wouldn't commit the same mistake…

At the same time, inside a luxurious mansion, Li Cuicui hung up the phone with a deep frown.

"Who called? What happened?" Yun Tianqi asked as he looked up at her.


Yun Tianqi was ignorant about her actions from back then. Otherwise, he would never have allowed her to bribe Lin Qing with such a large sum of money.

"Forget it if you don't want to talk about it."

Yun Tianqi was in a very good mood and did not want to hound her about it. He was beaming and his mood, which had been repressed for a long time, turned brighter as well.

Li Cuicui sat next to him. "What happened today that made you so happy?"

"Do you know about the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy?" Yun Tianqi smiled. "Soon, that Godly Doctor's Pharmacy will become part of our Yun Pharmaceutical Corporation."

"Oh?" Li Cuicui's eyebrow rose. She had heard of the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy, as many companies were interested in acquiring it. Was Yun Tianqi capable of acquiring the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy?

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