Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2215 - Another Story of Huaxia (56)

Chapter 2215: Another Story of Huaxia (56)

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Yun Luofeng wore a smile on her face, but that smile stirred fear in Lin Qing's heart, especially because the aura around that woman was like a giant mountain and suppressed her to the point of being unable to breathe. This was the first time she had felt death so near her…

"Tell me, are you willing to contact that person?"

This sentence was like the straw the broke that camel's back and made Lin Qing's mind completely crumble. Her face was ashen and full of fright, "I will help you, I will help you! I beg you to not kill me."

Hearing that, Yun Luofeng retracted her aura and her lips slightly turned up. "Then call her right now. I would like to know who dared to set my teacher up."

Under that woman's intimidating aura, Lin Qing shakily picked up her phone.

That blond youth was lying motionless on the ground, not daring to even lift his head, scared that these two people would really kill them.

"I have that boss' number. I used this number to contact her all these years. Because I kept evidence to threaten her, she doesn't dare to completely cut off contact with me."

This was the path that she found herself to make it easier for her to blackmail that woman. She did not expect it to benefit Yun Luofeng.

After saying that, Lin Qing pressed a number and turned on speakerphone at Yun Luofeng's indication.

"Didn't I say to not find me unless it's something important? Why are you calling me?" A furious voice came from the other end of the phone.

The voice was purposefully lowered, perhaps afraid of being overheard, but Yun Luofeng instantly recognized the speaker of the voice. Her entire person underwent a transformation. A chilly and nefarious smile appeared on her lips, and a storm rumbled in her dark eyes.

Lin Qing nearly dropped her phone from fright. Her face deathly pale, she stared, "I'm short on money recently, can you send some money to me again?"

"You are gutsy! I gave you so much money back then, yet you dare to find me still?" That voice was very angry and sharp, but it deepened Yun Luofeng's smile.

Although many years have passed, there was no way she would be unable to recognize the owner of this voice. It was this person who seized her family's wealth and expelled her from her home! She did not expect that even after she lost her life in an explosion, these people to be unwilling to spare the teacher who raised her!

After hearing that, Lin Qing also grew angry. At that time, she had risked ruining her reputation to frame Fu Ru, yet this woman wants to easily kick her away? Keep dreaming!

"If you don't give me money, then I will publicize how you bribed me to frame Teacher Fu Ru."

"You…" The woman on the other end was indescribably angry. After a moment of silence, she said, "Name a place, and we will meet up. I will give you money then."

Meet up?

Lin Qing was startled. This woman did not show her face even when she had her frame Fu Ru, but she wanted to meet with her now? Fear faintly rose in her heart.

"Agree to it."

A voice exploded in Lin Qing's mind, scaring her to the point of nearly throwing her phone out. That was right, that voice did not come from next to her ears, it reverberated in her mind. No wonder it scared her witless.

Lin Qing bit her lips. "Alright, then we will meet at the European cafe at the entrance to my school."

"Alright." After saying that, the woman on the other end directly hung up and did not give Lin Qing time to respond.

Lin Qing glanced at Yun Luofeng and timidly asked, "Is this enough?"

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