Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2210 - Another Story of Huaxia (51)

Chapter 2210: Another Story of Huaxia (51)

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"Yes, Mr. President."

Soon the meeting was over. Everyone went to perform their duties, and no one talked about the meeting any more. However, a few days later, a piece of news hit headlines in all sorts of newspapers…

"Professor Fu Ru of Huaxia University, who was suspected of raping a female student and fired by the university, is now the resident doctor of the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy. Is such a doctor reliable? Do you still dare to buy the medicine in this pharmacy?"

As soon as the news was widespread, the crowded Godly Doctor's Pharmacy suddenly became even more crowded. Numerous journalists gathered at the gate and almost blocked the road.

At the moment, Xue Dong was sweating heavily in the pharmacy. The journalists would have rushed in if they hadn't been stopped by the staff of the pharmacy. Even so, Xue Dong still heard the sharp questions of those journalists from outside the pharmacy.

"Mr. Xue, why do you employ such a person who has neither medical nor professional ethics as your resident doctor?"

"I have reason to suspect your medicines have problems. Can a rapist be a good resident doctor?"

"Please give us an explanation. Give the public an explanation!"

In the pharmacy, Fu Ru's lips kept quivering. Several times he tried to get up and go out but was stopped by Xue Dong.

"Teacher, you must not go out. These people are just waiting for you to go out. Just stay here. I have called Yun Luofeng. She will solve it."

During the last year, the pharmacy experienced a lot of ups and downs but he managed to overcome all these hardships. But now, facing such a serious problem, he was completely at loss and had to turn to Yun Luofeng for help.

"Excuse me."

Just then, a child's voice suddenly came from behind the crowd. Hearing the childish voice, those journalists looked at the source of the voice in surprise.

Behind the crowd, two cute children walked out hand in hand. They were so adorable that the crowd forgot to ask them why they were here. Seeing the children were going to enter into the pharmacy, a journalist hurriedly stopped them.

"Don't you know this pharmacy has a problem?"

Looking up at the female journalist who stopped them, Yun Nianfeng said expressionlessly, "It's none of your business."

"You…" The female journalist turned livid in anger. This kid looked so cute but was ill-bred. She gnashed her teeth, "I'm just being kind. How can you be so rude? I tell you, the medicines in this pharmacy are toxic and will poison people. If you don't want to kill all your family, don't buy and take the medicine here!"

There was only a rumor about Fu Ru, but she said the medicines in the pharmacy were toxic?

And she even cursed Yun Nianfeng's family!

Yun Nianfeng who was going to enter the pharmacy, stopped and turned to the female journalist, "Do you have any manners? You block the pharmacy's door and spread rumors. Is this your manners? You said the medicines here are poisonous? Okay, If I'm still alive after I take it, can you go and die?"

Yun Chutian didn't want to be polite to such a vicious person, so she said with a sneer, "Brother, Mom said we didn't have to be polite to such people. If they won't leave, drive them out!" Yun Chutian blinked and turned her head to these journalists. "She also said she would clear Grand Master Fu Ru's name in three days! By the way, I am saying this to our customers not you journalists!

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