Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2209 - Another Story of Huaxia (50)

Chapter 2209: Another Story of Huaxia (50)

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He thought when he said this that the people around him would feel curious and ask him, and then he would make up some scandals about the pharmacy, which would arouse people's suspicion.

However, as soon as he said this, a burly man beside him pushed him hard and angrily said, "F*ck off if you don't want to seek medical treatment here. Don't waste our time."

"Yes! How dare you frame the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy? Don't you know how famous it is? You might as well go back to read some news about it as the grandpa told you."

An onlooker recognized Yun Tianqi and scoffed, "I think I've seen this guy. Oh, yes, he is the president of the Yun Pharmaceutical Company. I heard that the profits of the Yun Pharmaceutical Company have been declining recently. Did Mr. President want to deliberately frame the pharmacy for his company's profits? Hahaha."

All of a sudden, all eyes were fixed on Yun Tianqi and he was so ashamed that he felt as if his face was burning.

"I didn't expect he was the president of the Yun Pharmaceutical Company. I remember that I took the medicine of his company in a hospital, but instead of getting better, I got inflammation and complaining was useless."

"The medicines of the Yun Pharmaceutical Company are trash. I will never use the medicines made by that company in my life because I don't want to be poisoned by their medicines!"

Hearing these words, Yun Tianqi turned livid. He desperately pushed the people surrounding him aside and quickly fled. When he returned to the Yun Pharmaceutical Company, he immediately held a meeting and demanded all members of the management to attend it.

At the moment, in the conference room, Yun Tianqi looked a bit angry. He looked around at the crowd fiercely and shouted angrily, "Why didn't you tell me what was happening to the Yun Pharmaceutical Company?"

If it weren't for the year-end review, he would have had no idea that the Yun Pharmaceutical Company was doing so badly this year.

The executives all looked at each other. They did tell Yun Tianqi about it, but he had been fascinated by a woman and was busy making love to her for the last year. He didn't pay any attention to the company! Besides, Yun Tianqi thought that the Yun Pharmaceutical Company had developed so well that he could enjoy his life without any worries. He didn't think that someone could squeeze the Yun Pharmaceutical Company out of the industry.

A middle-aged man said, "President, I think we need to make up for it now."

Yun Tianqi fell silent. He was able to develop the Yun Pharmaceutical Company to its status today because of the property of Yun Luofeng's parents, the strength of Li Cuicui's family, and more importantly, his wisdom and talents.

He wouldn't have given anyone the chance to give the Yun Pharmaceutical Company such a blow if he hadn't been indulging in sensual pleasures.

"Though the pharmacy has a great reputation, it appeared only one year ago and will be no match for our Yun Pharmaceutical Company in financial strength," said the middle-aged man with a smile, "so, I suggest we acquire the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy."

Yun Tianqi's eyes darkened, "Who is the owner of the Godly Doctor's Pharmacy?"

"I have checked into this. Its boss is just a student who graduated from Huaxia University. He is from an ordinary family who runs a pharmacy. As for the resident doctor of the pharmacy, he is the famous Professor Fu Ru."

Professor Fu Ru?

Yun Tianqi gave a cold smile. When he kicked Yun Luofeng into the orphanage, this old b*stard took her in.

"Before you start to acquire it, spread the news that the doctor of the pharmacy raped a female student. With such a depraved doctor, the pharmacy is not trustworthy!"

At that time, he would come out as a savior and offer to acquire the pharmacy, and the owner of the pharmacy would be very grateful to him…

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