Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2206 - Another Story of Huaxia (47)

Chapter 2206: Another Story of Huaxia (47)

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"Yunyi, call the police."

Grandfather Nangong closed his eyes after saying this, and even Nangong Chuan standing at the side didn't stop it.

Nangong Yunyi took a look at Zhao Meixue and her daughter who were limp on the floor, called the police without hesitation, and then walked out with Hong Luan.

Yun Luofeng was still waiting for them.

From a distance, Nangong Yunyi saw the man and woman standing under the tree. They were as beautiful as a superb painting, aloof, unworldly, and incompatible with the noisy surroundings.

"Yun Luofeng."

He stopped and looked at the woman in front of him, and a gleam of gratitude flashed through his eyes. If it weren't for Yun Luofeng, perhaps he couldn't have defeated Zhao Meixue and Nangong Lan so easily…

"Let's go." Yun Luofeng shrugged and smiled.

As always, Yun Xiao stood by her side and fixed his eyes on her as if she was the entire world for him.

"Ok, I have found the location of Xue Dong's pharmacy."

Nangong Yunyi raised his eyebrows. As if thinking of an old friend, he smiled.

The pharmacy of the Xue Family.

A bookworm with square glasses was sitting bored behind the counter. The pharmacy was quiet and empty and hadn't had any customers today.

The bookworm sighed, raised his head to look at the silent pharmacy, and smiled wryly.

"These days the pressure from competitors is too great. It looks like I'll have to shut down the pharmacy…"

Just after he said this, he suddenly saw someone coming in, and he stood up hurriedly to greet him, "May I help you?"

"What? We haven't met for five years and you have forgotten us, Bookworm? "

Hearing the familiar voice, Bookworm looked up in surprise, and when he saw the familiar face in front of him, he suddenly froze. "Are you… Nangong Yunyi?"

"Not just me. Yun Luofeng is also here." Nangong Yunyi laughed out loud and said.

Although they weren't classmates with Bookworm, they were friends. Before they left, they hung out a lot. Although they were not very intimate friends, they got along quite well.

Bookworm rubbed his eyes, and a look of surprise flashed through his gentle face. He looked at the gorgeous woman and his voice trembled, "You're… still alive?"

"Sure, let me introduce. This is my wife Hong Luan, and the other is Yun Xiao, Yun Luofeng's husband."

Bookworm was even more shocked.

These two guys went missing for five years, but when they came back, they were both married?

"Nangong, talk with Bookworm, and Yun Xiao and I will take a break."

Yun Luofeng poured a cup of tea for herself and Yun Xiao, and sat down at random. She had told Nangong Yunyi about her plan and he would know how to deal with it.

"Xue Dong, how are you doing these years?" Nangong Yunyi put his arm around Xue Dong's shoulder and asked.

Xue Dong gave a wry smile, "After graduation, I inherited this pharmacy as ordered by my dad, but now there are too many pharmacies. The pressure of competition is so great that I can barely make ends meet. By the way, what happened to you back them? I heard you were dead?"

"Did you seen our bodies?"

Nangong Yunyi rolled his eyes at him. Yes, he had died, but his body was also missing. Now that he had come back alive, he wouldn't admit he had died once.

"Yun Luofeng and I came here to help you." Nangong Yunyi gave a handsome smile.

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