Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2205 - Another Story of Huaxia (46)

Chapter 2205: Another Story of Huaxia (46)

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Nangong Lan felt as if the whole sky was falling apart on her and she stumbled and fell with a thud, her face pale.

I am not Dad's daughter?

I am just a b*stard child?


"Ahhh!" Nangong Lan went completely mad and rushed towards Zhao Meixue, who was also limp on the ground.

"Tell me it's not true. I'm the Miss of the Nangong Family. I'm not a b*stard!"

"Lan'er…" Zhao Meixue had a lump in her throat. She knew it was all over.

"Tell me Nangong Chuan is my dad, come on!"

Listening to the heart-wrenching roar of Nangong Lan, Zhao Meixue closed her eyes feebly and tears covered her face.

Nangong Lan stumbled again and released Zhao Meixue. She chuckled and said in a desperate tone, "You are no longer my mom!"

She glared at Zhao Meixue and turned to leave the villa. Before leaving, she looked back at Nangong Yunyi and Hong Luan with her vicious eyes.

"Wait!" Nangong Yunyi called her coldly.

Nangong Lan stopped, choking up, "What else do you want? Now you have grabbed the Nangong Family. Are you still not satisfied?"

"Firstly, I am the rightful heir of the Nangong Family. What do you mean by 'grab'?"

"Secondly, you were also involved in the plot against Grandfather."


At this moment, all eyes turned to Nangong Yunyi, and even Grandfather Nangong was somewhat incredulous. It was reasonable for Zhao Meixue to harm him, but he had never mistreated Nangong Lan even though he favored Nangong Yunyi.

After all, she was also a child of the Nangong Family!

Besides, it seemed that Nangong Lan didn't know she was an illegitimate daughter, so why did she try to murder him?

"We just heard the latter part of the recording. There is also the former part… "

With a sneer, NangongYun Yi reversed the recording. Two people's voices rang in the empty villa.

"Mom, why wasn't that old b*stard killed this time? Is it because your man didn't hit him hard enough?"

"Normally, he wouldn't be able to recover from such a serious injury. Who is Yun Luofeng? How could she save the old b*stard who was so seriously injured?"

"I've heard of Yun Luofeng who was a prestigious student at Huaxia University. It's said that she was missing after the bombing five years ago. I didn't know she had returned with Nangong Yunyi."

Their conversation hadn't finished yet, but no one had any interest to hear more.

No one said a word and the whole villa was quiet.

Nangong Lan shivered, her face turned even paler, and she turned her eyes to Nangong Yuny, her beautiful eyes wide with fright.


Nangong Chuan was the first to respond, and with a roar, he rushed up to Nangong Lan, slapped her hard in the face and knocked her to the floor.

Her mouth was full of blood, her head was rumbling, and she was completely lost…

How could it be?

Why did Nangong Yunyi have a recording of my conversation with Mom?

"Impossible. This is impossible!" Nangong Lan suddenly got up and pounced on Nangong Yunyi with scream, "It must be you! You must have stealthily put the recording pen in the villa! Nangong Yunyi, I'm gonna kill you!"


Unfortunately, before she reached Nangong Yunyi, she was kicked away by him. She fell to the floor awkwardly and rolled over for a few times, but she couldn't get up…

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