Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2204 - Another Story of Huaxia (45)

Chapter 2204: Another Story of Huaxia (45)

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Zhao Meixue gradually collapsed to the ground.

Nangong Yunyi was right. There was a paternity test now. How could she deny it? A paternity test would prove that Nangong Lan was not Nangong Chuan’s daughter.

“Chuan, I know I was wrong,” Zhao Meixue tugged on Nangong Chuan’s sleeve, crying pitifully, “I made a big mistake, but I really love you. You must believe me.”

Nangong Chuan’s face turned from livid to white, and then from white to livid. He clenched his fist, “You mean what they said is true? You really cuckolded me? My daughter who I doted on for a dozen years is actually not my daughter?”

“Chuan, please forgive me, I know I was wrong…” Zhao Meixue hugged Nangong Chuan’s legs tightly, “If you give me another chance, I will never do it again.”


Nangong Chuan grabbed Zhao Meixue’s hair and knocked her head hard against the wall.

“I treated you well and even grieved my wife to death for you! And you cheated on me? I’m gonna kill you, b*tch!”

At this moment, Nangong Chuan’s eyes were all red and he hit Zhao Meixue’s head against the wall in anger. Zhao Meixue was soon bleeding and the blood was all over the floor.

“Enough!” Seeing this, Grandfather Nangong snapped, “Do you really want to kill her? If you kill her, you’ll be executed! Now divorce her and give her to the police! Let the police charge her with murder! She will not be able to get out of jail for the rest of her life!”

She had committed attempted murder. If he used his connections she would probably get a life sentence.

Nangong Chuan collapsed to the ground, and he was holding his head in pain. What had he done all these years?

“Ah!” Suddenly, a shrill cry came from downstairs.

Before the crowd responded, Nangong Lan had quickly run upstairs. Her eyes were full of anger when she saw Zhao Meixue lying in a pool of blood, “Dad, why is Mom so seriously injured? Who injured her?”

“Me.” Nangong Chuan clenched his fist, his eyes still red with anger.

“Dad!” Nangong Lan screamed incredulously, “Why did you do this to Mom? Why? You’re really a bad person… ”


Before she could finish, Nangong Chuan slapped her in the face.

Nangong Lan stared in shock. Her dad, who had never touched her all these years, hit her? Did he have a mistress and want to abandon them?

“How dare you scold me? Your mother’s a real b*tch. She cheated on me!” Nangong Chuan’s eyes were bloodshot. He slowly turned his eyes to the man beside him, “This man is your real dad. Don’t call me Dad anymore. That makes me sick.”

When he heard the recording, Nangong Chuan knew that the naked man was Zhao Meixue’s lover. He was also Nangong Lan’s real father.

Sure enough, Nangong Lan’s eyes popped open when she heard this. “What did you say? That’s impossible! I am the daughter of the Nangong Family. I am not the daughter of this man!”

“Your mom admitted that he is your father!” Nangong Chuan gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists. He had to control himself with all his strength, or else he would have punched Nangong Lan.

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