Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2189 - Another Story of Huaxia (30)

Chapter 2189: Another Story of Huaxia (30)

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"Say, how could such a person be any good?" Nangong Lan was full of resentment. "As expected, birds of a feather flock together. Our Nangong Family provided for him yet he doesn't know to reciprocate kindness. He's simply worse than a beast!"

Zhao Xuemei's eyes flickered but did not say much. She merely smiled and said. "Lan'er, you're tired. You should go and have a rest. I'll think of another method to get rid of that old man."

"Alright," Nangong Lan nodded. "Actually, that old man is my grandfather and I shouldn't be so eager for him to meet his death. However, he only thinks about that little b*stard Nangong Yunyi! If he didn't intend to have Nangong Yunyi inherit the family, I wouldn't treat him this way." Thinking of this, Nangong Lan felt better and a vicious glint streaked across her eyes.

Zhao Meixue softly shut her eyes. "Lan'er, remember that this Nangong Family can only be ours."

I will never give it to others!

Nangong Lan bit her lips and walked up the stairs, reaching the second floor very soon.

Zhao Meixue opened her eyes after waiting for Nangong Lan to leave and fished out her phone before making a call.

"Hello." A deep voice sounded from the other end, causing Zhao Meixue to tighten her grip on the phone.

The person on the other end spoke again when Zhao Meixue kept quiet. "Aren't you afraid of people from the Nangong Family, calling me in broad daylight?"

"I…" Zhao Meixue pursed her lips. "I missed you. And… the old man didn't die."


He didn't die? How could it be possible?

His plans were flawless and this old man would certainly die without a doubt. There wouldn't be anyone who could link this incident to him!

"It's a girl named Yun Luofeng that saved him," Zhao Meixue lowered her eyes and said.

The person was silent for a long time without speaking and only asked a question after a long time. "Then what are you calling me for?"

"I want you to help and cause another accident. This time around, I don't believe he won't die!" A trace of viciousness flashed through her eyes as she bit her lips.

That person was silent for a moment. "It was already a difficult task to create an accident once. It won't be that easy to succeed another time."

"I don't care, you must help me! Even if not for me, it's for our daughter! Don't tell me you can bear for her to be suppressed by that b*stard Nangong Yunyi? As long as the old man dies, I will deal with Nangong Chuan next!"

"In any case, Nangong Chuan is your husband. Can you truly bear to do so?'

"So what? I only want the Nangong Family's assets and other things are not my business! Furthermore, the person I love has always been you. If it weren't to seize their assets, how could I possibly choose to marry him?" Seemingly afraid that the man on the opposite end would be discontent, Zhao Meixue hastily added this on. Her voice was very gentle, to the extent it caused his bones to go soft.

"Lan'er doesn't know that she's my daughter?"

"Yes, I can't reveal this to her for the time being. She can't take the blow."

"Alright…" The man was silent for a moment. "I will help you, but one portion of the Nangong Family's assets belongs to me."

A cold chill flashed through Zhao Meixue's half-closed eyes but her voice was still as gentle as before. "Naturally. After all, you're the only man I've deeply loved and whose would it be if not yours?"

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