Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2188 - Another Story of Huaxia (29)

Chapter 2188: Another Story of Huaxia (29)

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"Therefore, I will never follow anyone else and abandon her. Otherwise, you can beat me to death as you wish!"

Nangong Yunyi's words showed a sincere attitude and caused Yun Luofeng to be at ease.

If someone asked who was her most important friend in the Seven Province Continent, she would unhesitatingly pick Hong Luan. As such… she sincerely and urgently wished for Hong Luan to have her own happiness,

"You're also acquainted with my benefactor and you can come any time as you wish. We will wait for you in Chun Yuan Xue restaurant." After speaking, she hung up the call and walked out of the washroom. Upon opening the door, she noticed Fu Qing eavesdropping with her ear glued to the door.

In that instant, Yun Luofeng helplessly put her hand on her forehead. "What are you doing here?"

Fu Qing awkwardly chuckled, "I wanted to know who you were calling."

"Nangong Yunyi." Yun Luofeng's lips curled up and a smile appeared on her face.

"What? Senior Nangong?" Fu Jing jumped in surprise. "Could it be that he's also alive, just like you?" Oh right, I remember Senior Nangong chasing you in the past for a while. Why didn't your relationship progress?"

After she asked that question, an ice-cold aura could be felt and Yun Luofeng was instantly pulled into an embrace.

Yun Xiao revealed an unhappy expression. "He's chased you before?"

"En," Yun Luofeng blinked her eyes. "What about that?"

"He should rejoice that you didn't accept him." The man's voice was deep and hoarse, yet containing coldness. "Otherwise, I would've killed him!"

Fu Qing was originally frightened by Yun Xiao's aura, but she recovered her senses after hearing his words. She weakly said, "Did I say something wrong?"

This man is too terrifying. How can Sister Luofeng stand him?

"Teacher," Yun Luofeng looked over and saw Fu Ru walking out the kitchen. "Let's set off, I've already asked someone to make a reservation."

Fu Ru hesitated for a moment and nodded, "Sure."

He was starting to ponder whether the money he had in his pocket would suffice for the expenses this time…

Currently, within a huge luxurious villa, Nangong Lan angrily sat on the sofa and her delicate face was filled with fury as she unwillingly said, "Mom, why is that old fogey not dead yet? Did the people you sent not use enough force?"

Zhao Meixue's expression was also unsightly. "Reasonably speaking, such serious injuries shouldn't be treatable. Who is that Yun Luofeng? How did she have the ability to save the seriously injured old man?"

Hearing her, Nangong Lan bit her lips. "I know about Yun Luofeng. She has a famous reputation in Huaxia University and it's rumored that she also went missing five years ago in the explosion. I didn't expect she would return together with Nangong Yunyi."

"Oh?" Zhao Meixue quirked her brow and asked, "Do you what kind of person she is?"

Speaking of Yun Luofeng, a trace of disdain streaked across Nangong Lan's eyes. "It was said that she lost both her parents and was adopted by her uncle and aunt. Unexpectedly, she was an ungrateful soul and bullied her uncle's son while staying at their house! She nearly strangled an innocent child because of her jealousy of her uncle and aunt's love towards their child. More importantly, they did not touch a single cent of the assets her parents left behind and stored it up for her."

"However, this ungrateful soul framed her uncle and aunt of seizing her assets and in a rage of fury, they donated all the assets, not leaving a single cent for her."

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