Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2185 - Another Story of Huaxia (26)

Chapter 2185: Another Story of Huaxia (26)

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After leaving the hospital, Yun Lufoeng flagged a cab and reported a neighborhood name according to her memories. In less than an hour, the cab stopped outside the neighborhood.

"Ough!" Just as he stepped out of the cab, Yun Nianfeng couldn't help but vomit. His petite face was deathly white as his lips trembled. "Mother, what spirit beast was that? Nianfeng is feeling very unwell…"

"Oh, that's called a cab. Alright, let's find my teacher first and after you gradually familiarize yourself with this world, you wouldn't be so fearful." After that, she looked up towards Yun Xiao who was silent all along.

This man's mental health was very strong and no matter what unconventional object he saw, he maintained a straight face and did not even ask her a single question.

"Yun Xiao…"

"En." After Yun Luofeng called out his name, he softly replied. However, his reply seemed to have been squeezed out with great difficulty, causing Yun Luofeng to notice something fishy.

"You… don't tell me you're also carsick?" Yun Xiao's face finally had the slightest change and his ice-cold expression seemed to have cracked, as he nodded with great difficulty.

"Furthermore… I don't like the air here."

Yun Luofeng smiled. "Hang on awhile more. After I'm done with my revenge, we shall return."


All in all, Yun Xiao wasn't from this Continent and he would be unaccustomed with the air here. He had just been forcing himself to adapt to the environment…

Under Yun Luofeng's lead, they entered the neighborhood. Even though the neighborhood had been here for decades, within Huaxia where every inch of land was as expensive as gold, even a small neighborhood was worth millions.

Fortunately, Yun Luofeng's memory was good and managed to find the location not long after. Upon reaching the door, she gave it a few knocks.

"Coming." A crisp voice sounded and when the door was opened, a bubbly girl stretched out her head.

Upon seeing Yun Luofeng, a trace of surprise flashed through her eyes. "You… you're Sister Luofeng?"

"Qingqing, long time no see. Is Teacher at home?"

Fu Qing's eyes gradually widened as shock could be seen on her pretty face. "Sister Luofeng, is that really you? Dad told me earlier that you were still alive but I didn't believe it in the slightest. I didn't expect… you're still alive? Oh right, these people are…"

Her pair of huge eyes swept across Yun Xiao father and the son while her eyes were filled with curiosity.

"He's you're brother-in-law and the other two are your nephew and niece."

Nephew and niece?

Similar to thunder rolling, Fu Qing was shocked silly.

"Sister Luofeng, you actually have such an old son? Could it be you were fooling around with brother-in-law when you were in school, and even gave birth to a child? Oh god, no wonder you faked your death and went missing."

Fu Qing took the initiative and found an excuse for Yun Luofeng. After all, although an explosion happened back then, no one discovered their corpse, wasn't it so?

However… Yun Xiao was unhappy about Fu Qing using the words 'fooling around'. His relationship with Yun Luofeng was open and aboveboard, so how could it be considered as fooling around?

"Teacher isn't at home?" Yun Luofeng peeped into the house and asked.

Fu Qing nodded. "Father went to buy groceries and he'll probably be back soon. Sister Luofeng, brother-in-law, hurry and come in. Take a seat and I'll get you tea shortly."

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