Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2180 - Another Story of Huaxia (21)

Chapter 2180: Another Story of Huaxia (21)

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Even though she doesn't understand love, she knew that she wanted to follow Yun Nianfeng forever.

"You're still too young to know about love. You'll understand when you grow older," Hong Luan half-heartedly explained. She was unable to explain these matters to them and they would understand these things when they grew older.

"Aunt Luan," Yun Nianfeng tugged Hong Luan's sleeves as she pointed towards a female wearing skimpy clothes, "why is that woman wearing so little clothes? Isn't she afraid of the cold? Furthermore, her chest is so small, not even a half of Mother's…" Yun Nianfeng pouted.

He had secretly peeped when his mother bathed. Oh and also, when he and Tian'er were hiding under the bed, they had personally seen their father pressing down their mother.

Of course, if Yun Xiao found out about these things, it wouldn't be as simple as getting exiled…

Perhaps hearing Yun Nianfeng, the woman ahead instantly turned around and gave him a fierce glare. That fiendish expression made Yun Nianfeng scared and he pouted unhappily.

"Aunt Luan, did I say anything wrong?"

"Yun Nianfeng!" Hong Luan's expression was somewhat unsightly. "If you speak another word, I'll tell your great-grandfather that you were the one who broke his treasured teacup."

Yun Nianfeng shivered from fright and hastily shut his mouth. "Aunt Luan, I didn't say anything and you have to keep this secret for me. I guarantee I will be obedient."

Hong Luan sighed. She suddenly felt that giving birth to and taking care of a son was very exhausting…

This little guy wasn't obedient like Tian'er in the slightest. It was fine if he stirred up trouble in the Seven Province Continent, but even after coming to this world, he still couldn't control himself.

Within the deputy director's office, the door was shut closed with a bang.

The deputy directly glanced at the couple walking in cooly and a sneer quirked on his lips. "Speak, how do you intend to compensate me?"

"Compensate?" Yun Luofeng lifted her brow and asked.

"Hmph, your son injured my child and don't you have to compensate? Let me tell you, if you don't give me an account today, I'll chase your family out of the ward!" Yun Luofeng was momentarily stunned as astonishment flashed through her eyes.

Chase my family out of the ward? Did he mean Nangong Yunyi's grandfather? The old chairman?

Noticing the astonishment in her eyes, the deputy director believed she was afraid and spoke in mocking. "Since you're in the visiting section, you must have family members hospitalized. Even if they aren't your family, they must be your close friends! If you don't compensate me and fork out some money for my emotional damage, I'll immediately send people to chase them out!"

Hearing him, Yun Luofeng slightly quirked her brow. "This is a society ruled by law and for the hospital to openly chase out a patient, isn't this considered breaking the law?"

"Keke," The deputy director sneered. "There are many methods to chase patients out. I'll just claim that their condition was too severe and is untreatable. Plus, there is a lack of beds in our hospital and naturally, we can't afford for them to occupy our limited resources. In this case, do you think anyone would say anything?"

Yun Luofeng beamingly looked at the deputy director. "Huaxia Hospital is supposedly a hospital with a famous reputation but with such a vermin like you here, I'm afraid it won't do unless I get rid of you today."

"What do you think you can do?" Looking at her threatening gaze, the deputy director said, "This is a society that is ruled by law!"

Could it be that she dares to attack me?

"Towards people who abide by the law, naturally, I will do the same. But for people like you, why shouldn't I do the same?" Just as Yun Luofeng spoke, the man by her side suddenly disappeared and appeared before him soon after.

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