Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2179 - Another Story of Huaxia (20)

Chapter 2179: Another Story of Huaxia (20)

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He had repeatedly reminded her not to be overly aggressive in public and this woman had simply ignored his warnings again!

"What exactly happened?" he asked.

Xue Chunhua glanced at Yun Luofeng before shifting her gaze to Yun Nianfeng in Yun Luofeng's embrace and said, "This kid hit our son earlier on and I only wanted to teach him a lesson. Who knew…"

The deputy director could be considered as only having a son at an old age and so, he pampered this son of his to the extreme. Upon hearing Xue Chuntian's words, his expression instantly turned ugly.

"Miss, you're at fault first in this matter. Your son hit my son and don't tell me you think the matter is going to drop at that??"

"Rubbish!" Hearing Xue Chunhua distorting the truth, Yun Nianfeng immediately struggled free from Yun Luofeng's embrace and his face like carved jade was filled with anger. "You can ask everyone what happened earlier on! If it weren't for this b*stard bullying my little sister, how could I possibly push him?"

The deputy director was momentarily distracted. He suppressed his internal discontentment and continued speaking, "No matter what's the truth in this incident, I'd like to request you to have a conversation in my office."

Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before nodding. "Fine."

Seeing Yun Luofeng agreed to his demands, the deputy director smirked. As long as they followed him, then it was up to him to call the shots.

"Luan'er, take care of Tian'er and Nianfeng. I'll make a trip together with Yun Xiao."


Letting her son witness her bashing someone up was not a very good influence. She barely managed to remove her son's lecherous behavior with great difficulty and she could not allow him to learn to be violent!

"Okay." Yun Xiao nodded and walked towards the deputy director's office with Yun Luofeng.

Looking at Yun Luofeng leaving, Yun Nianfeng pouted. "Mother is bad. She never lets me watch her oppressing others and I also wish to join in." It was fine if she did not allow him to look at beauties. However, she even restricted him from using force and that was simply too mean!

"Tian'er, are you alright?" Yun Nianfeng walked to Yun Chutian's side and took advantage of the situation to caress her hand. That smooth hand of hers caused him to reveal a satisfied smile.

Taking notice of Yun Nianfeng's small actions, Hong Luan felt awkward.

This little fella already knows to take advantage of others at a young age and he was still capable of scolding others with a justified and proper manner earlier on.

Yun Chutian blinked her eyes. "With brother Nianfeng here, Tian'er isn't afraid of anything."

Although… she could protect herself, she liked the feeling of relying on her brother.

Not caring about Yun Chutian's thoughts, his petite hands seized the chance and pinched her cheeks. Feeling a soft touch from his hands, it caused him to be over the moon.

Even though Mother prevents me from touching other beauties, I have Tian'er by my side. In this world, other than Mother, Tian'er is the most pretty.

"Cough cough!" Hong Luan could no longer put up with it and dryly coughed. "Nianfeng, it's not good to play around with girls at such a young age. Tian'er doesn't know about these things and you should talk about your future when you are older."

Although Yun Luofeng had selfish motives of wanting to let Yun Chutian marry Yun Nianfeng, they were still too young. How could anyone be certain about the future? Therefore… their future would depend on their own development. This was also the reason why Hong Luan had expressed her discontentment towards Yun Nianfeng for taking advantage of Yun Chutian.

"Aunt Luan, why can't brother Nianfeng touch Tian'er? Didn't Mother say that Tian'er will be together with brother Nianfeng forever?" Yun Chutian leaned her head and asked while at a loss.

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