Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2177 - Another Story of Huaxia (18)

Chapter 2177: Another Story of Huaxia (18)

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"It's seldom that you'd ask for my help and since you've asked, then there must be something important that only gold-seeking hamsters could be of help."

After all these years, she had a thorough understanding of Hong Luan and if the situation wasn't dire, she would never ask for her help…

"Actually…" Hong Luan's eyes flickered. "I feel that Nangong Yunyi's grandfather's traffic accident isn't simple as it seems. I suspect it was done by that stepmother of his. I was thinking of having a gold-seeking hamster follow them and eavesdrop on their conversation!"

Yun Luofeng blinked. "Do you need a recording pen?"

"Recording pen?" Hong Luan looked confused. "What's that?"

"I can't explain it in a short while. In any case, I'll directly send the gold-seeking hamster with the recording pen to you." Just as Hong Luan wanted an explanation, a cursing voice sounded from the front direction.

"Where did this bastard child come from? To actually dare to hit my child! Today, I shall teach you a lesson in place of your mother!"

Just as this shrew shouted, a stubborn voice sounded, "My mother said that it's a father's fault for not teaching their child well. Your son is so lecherous at such a young age and even wanted to molest Tian'er. I only pushed him away and I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Good, good. You still dare to twist words and force logic! Today, I will definitely teach you a lesson!"

Yun Luofeng's expression slowly darkened and she slightly looked up, her eyes following the direction of the noise.

Somewhere not far away from her location, Yun Chutian had hid behind Yun Nianfeng while they were encircled. Blinking their deer-like innocent eyes, they stared at the shrew-like woman.

This woman was around forty years old as she carried a little boy in Adidas clothing. However, this little boy was currently crying out loud.

The people surrounding them were all pointing fingers and that woman was shameless as she went up, wanting to pull on Yun Nianfeng…

He tightly clenched his fists. If it weren't for his mother telling him he couldn't casually kill people in Huaxia, he would've ended her life!


Just as the woman appeared in front of Yun Nianfeng, an arm suddenly stretched out and pulled Yun Nianfeng and Yun Chutian into his embrace. The woman wasn't able to stop in time and crashed on the ground.

The crowd couldn't help but laugh out loud. Their laughter caused her to fly into a rage out of humiliation. She immediately got up from the ground while furiously glaring at the black-robed man before her.

"My husband is this hospital's deputy director and you dared to injure me right in front of the hospital? I'll have my husband chase your family members out of the hospital!"

This was the hospital's ward area and those who came here must've been visiting a patient. As her husband had high authority, he could casually find an excuse to chase them out.

Just then, a clear voice sounded from the back. "Teacher's wife, you're sure impressive. How come I wasn't aware that a teacher became the hospital's deputy director?"

The woman wanted to get angry but the instant she looked over, she saw a familiar face and screeched, "Ahhh, Ghost!!!"

The surrounding crowd were all frightened by her scream and just when they wanted to curse, they saw the white-robed lady walking towards that woman. She was wearing a white-colored period costume and looked devastatingly gorgeous, attracting everyone's gaze in an instant.

"Who is this woman? Is this man her husband?"

"Tsk, they look like quite a pair when standing side by side. It's no wonder they have such a beautiful child. As expected, it's because of their good genes that they have given birth to such a good-looking child."

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