Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2174 - Another Story of Huaxia (15)

Chapter 2174: Another Story of Huaxia (15)

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"Make way!" Instantly, the police fished out guns. "If you don't move, we'll shoot!" Thinking of the old chairman's safety, the policemen were impatient.

Although not knowing what a gun was, he could sense that the item in their hands… was not a threat. If it weren't for Nangong Yunyi worrying for his grandfather's safety, perhaps he might have laughed out loud at that very moment.

Who was Yun Xiao? One of the true-gods within the Seven Province Continent! The bullets weren't even capable of brushing past his sleeves, so how could that possibly threaten him? They were honestly a group of frogs in a well…

Seeing Yun Xiao's unchanged expression, their hands trembled. Frankly speaking, they only received their guns not long ago and never had the opportunity to use them. They would be very nervous if they had to shoot someone on the spot. So, the policemen merely wanted to threaten Yun Xiao.

Unfortunately, Yun Xiao remained unmoved.

The policemen clenched their teeth and one fiercely warned, "I'll give you one last chance. Immediately make way or else I'll shoot for real…"

At this very moment, the emergency room was pushed open and an aged voice sounded from within, "Who do you think you're pointing your gun at?" His voice was very steady and gave others a suppressive feeling. The policeman's hands holding the gun suddenly shook and he nearly pulled the trigger. Luckily, he stopped in time…

Currently, everyone turned towards the emergency room and their astonished gaze fell on the old man walking out without difficulty.

Yun Luofeng quietly stood beside the old man and looked at the policeman who pointed the gun at Yun Xiao. Her expression then gradually turned chilly.

"Father, you're fine?" The man recovered from his initial astonishment and joy surfaced on his face as he hastily walked to his side. "Originally, I thought there was no hope, how are you…"

After speaking, he paused and turned towards the woman standing beside his father and frowned.

Could it be, this girl is actually knowledgeable about medical skills?

"Yun Xiao." Yun Luofeng had already walked to Yun Xiao side as her sharp eyes swept towards the policeman, scaring him out of his wits that he nearly threw his gun away.

"As a government official, you actually dared to point your gun at someone? Who gave you the right to do so?" The old man's voice was cold. It was hard to imagine that he was lying unconscious on the bed earlier on. Not only could he walk, but his voice was also full of energy?

No matter how skillful a person was, it was impossible to achieve such effects.

Hong Luan's eyes flickered. If she wasn't mistaken, Zhao Meixue and her daughter's expressions did not relax when the old man walked out. Instead, they were furious!

Grandfather Nangong recovering was something worth rejoicing about, but… they were angry? It looks like this traffic accident wasn't as simple as it seemed…

"It's a miracle!" That doctor gradually recovered and revealed a happy expression. "Miss, could you possibly tell me what you did for the old chairman? This is simply more miraculous than anything possible."

"No comment." Yun Luofeng said indifferently.

What was she going to tell these people? That she had spirit medicine on hand?

"Why aren't you putting down your gun?" Looking at the policeman holding the gun, his voice was angry, "If you cause an accidental injury, you better wait to be sued!"

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