Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2173 - Another Story of Huaxia (14)

Chapter 2173: Another Story of Huaxia (14)

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These policemen were acquainted with them and subconsciously spoke in a respectful tone. Yet, they were nervous deep down. Could it be that these ignorant people had provoked Chairman Nangong?

"My father was in a traffic accident," the man coldly said.

"What? The old chairman was in a traffic accident?"

If the old chairman got into an accident, then why did they call for the police? Even if they were to find someone, it would be the Ministry of Transport department, so how was this related to them?

"My father got into an accident and this unfilial child was unconcerned. He even brought a woman here to anger me! Furthermore, she attacked me and right now I want you to take her to the station for punishment!"

The man spoke with one hand behind his back and a stern, grave, and somewhat pale expression. It was clear that he had been seriously injured by Hong Luan's kick.

The police were stupefied. There was someone who dared to touch Chairman Nangong? Furthermore, the other party was the young master's woman?

"Mister Nangong, please rest assured that we will certainly deal with this incident impartially."

Their so-called impartial meant they would fiercely teach this woman a lesson and vent anger for Mr. Nangong!

"Who dares to take a step forward?" Nangong Yunyi's eyes turned chilly as they swept past the policemen and a mocking smile curled on his lips. "You didn't even ask what happened and you're about to immediately arrest someone? Is this how you deal with matters? Furthermore, Hong Luan was acting out of self-defense!"

"This…" The policemen were taken-aback and hesitated for a moment. Although they were fearful of the Nangong Corporation Chairman, they were government officials and had to maintain their face. If this woman had indeed attacked first, then it was pardonable for them to arrest and punish her. However, if this incident was of one of self-defense, then it would be a different matter altogether…

"Hmph!" The man snorted, "It's a matter of course for a father to hit their son! You were disrespectful to your mother and sister, so shouldn't I hit you? Who does this woman think she is to dare to stand up for you?"

Hearing what Chairman Nangong said, the policemen finally understood the situation. So it turns out that Mr. Nangong was lecturing his son but had been attacked by his son's woman. In this case, it was indeed the woman's fault. What business did she have when someone else was lecturing their son? Did it even require her to stand up for him?

"Furthermore," the man recovered his senses and said, "Just a moment ago, a woman forcefully barged into the emergency room where my father was receiving treatment. I suspect she is attempting to murder him and I hope you can deal with this as a murder case."

"What?" Hearing this, those policemen were greatly shocked. Attempting to murder the old chairman? This criminal charge was sufficient for her to be shot in the head!

"Quick, make way and open the emergency room. If that woman dares to resist, immediately shoot her!" the leader waved his hand and commanded. However, he was blocked before he managed to reach the door.

Yun Xiao was expressionless and spoke in a grim tone, "Death awaits those who take a step forward!"

In that instant, an eerie aura radiated from his body caused the surrounding temperature to drop several degrees, causing them to shiver.

Those policemen had never encountered someone as unbridled as Yun Xiao and were momentarily stunned… Even criminals didn't dare to speak of such arrogant words towards the police but this man here had done so?

They were unaware that Yun Xiao did not belong to this world. That Continent that he resided in did not have any laws and the strong were respected and obeyed. The stronger ones had the right to decide another's life or death…

In his eyes, the weak were no different than ants!

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