Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2171 - Another Story of Huaxia (12)

Chapter 2171: Another Story of Huaxia (12)

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"Nangong Yunyi!" The man tightly clenched his fist as his eyes reddened while his furious gaze stared unwaveringly at Nangong Yunyi. "If something happens to Grandfather, you'll be the main culprit and I'll never let you off!"

Hong Luan who was originally worried immediately got infuriated upon hearing him. "Nangong is already feeling sad that Grandfather Nangong got into a traffic accident. Right now, you're still intending to push the responsibility on him?"

Nangong Yunyi stayed silent as his tightly clenched fist had gradually trembled and his eyes never shifted away from the emergency room, causing his eyes to turn red.

"Did I say anything wrong?" The man snorted. "Earlier on, Lan'er informed me when she called, saying that if it weren't for you calling Grandfather, he wouldn't have hastily gone looking for you. All the more, he wouldn't have gotten into a traffic accident."

Nangong Yunyi shifted his gaze away from the emergency room as his eyes coldly glared at the man. "I called Grandfather?"

"Father!" Nangong Lan climbed up with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Actually, I'm not sure if Brother called Grandfather. I only know that after Grandfather answered the call, he excitedly said that Brother had returned and wanted to fetch him. As a result, he ran out and I couldn't stop him… However, he was knocked down by a car the moment he left and perhaps that call wasn't from Brother."

Nangong Lan frowned, acting as if she was trying to defend Nangong Yunyi. However, her words implied that if it weren't for that call, their grandfather wouldn't have met with an accident.

Now that her father was extremely angry, he definitely wouldn't investigate the real caller. Moreover, so what if it was found out in the future? She didn't specifically mention it was Nangong Yunyi who made the call and couldn't it just be a mistake?


The man furiously punched Nangong Yunyi, but before he managed to touch him, he was stopped by Hong Luan.

Flames of fury flickered within her eyes as a sneer surfaced on her lips. "I've never met a father like you."


After saying this, she kicked the man's chest and instantly the six-foot-tall man was sent flying by her kick.



Nangong Lan and Zhao Meixue turned pale from fright as they hastily ran to his side. Looking at him lying on the ground without moving, they glared at Hong Luan with fury.

"Quick, call the police and arrest this woman who injured my husband!"

"I'd like to see who dares to do so!"

Nangong Yunyi pulled Hong Luan behind him to protect her while there was unconcealable sadness within his eyes. With coldness in his voice, he said, "I don't want to fight with you here. Otherwise, none of you would be able to continue standing!"

The emergency room lights went off and two guards pushing the stretcher walked out. Looking at the unconscious old man, the rims of Nangong Yunyi's eyes reddened as he slowly walked to the stretcher.

"Grandfather, I've returned…" Unfortunately, I was too late.

The doctor expressionlessly glanced at the crowd before him and spoke in a formal tone, "This is the hospital so go outside if you want to fight. Don't cause trouble inside here!"

As expected… the doctor's words were more effective and the man stood up with his wife's support. His eyes were overflowing with rage as he glared at Nangong Yunyi but he maintained his silence. In any case, Meixue had called the police and the matter of injuring him could be settled after the police arrived.

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