Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2170 - Another Story of Huaxia (11)

Chapter 2170: Another Story of Huaxia (11)

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Nangong Lan had recovered from her dazed state and bit her lips while tears streamed down. "It was Nangong Yunyi who scolded my mother first. He claimed that Mother was a mistress and I rebuked him because I could not endure what he said. Following that, he said that I humiliated his deceased mother but didn't mention the fact that he was the one who started it."

Hong Luan was stupefied. It was her first time to have encountered someone who deliberately distorted the truth and a smile unconsciously quirked on her lips.

"Nonsense!" As expected, the man was thoroughly enraged when he heard what she said and the flames of fury in his eyes deepened. "When your mother was alive, was this how she brought you up? You're completely lacking in your upbringing! Meixue is your stepmother, yet you insulted her as a mistress?! The true mistress was your mother and if it weren't for your grandfather forcing that marriage, do you think I would have married her?"

Nangong Yunyi's fist gradually tightened. He had to use all his willpower to restrain his impulse to punch that man.

"I met Meixue too late, or else I wouldn't have had a relationship with your mother at all!" The man's cool eye swept across Nangong Yunyi before he turned to Zhao Meixue who was sobbing spasmodically and softened his tone. "Meixue, there's no need to mind his words and it's fine that I know how it was. Unfortunately, we met too late. Otherwise, even if I had to oppose the old man, I would have married you."

It was the first time someone had acted so righteous after having an extramarital affair.

What did he mean by meeting too late?

A man who had a family had caused his wife to pass away due to grief for an extramarital affair! As a result, he even claimed that there was no right or wrong in love? Even if they were mutually in love… the fact that the man was already married back then couldn't be avoided.

The nurses and doctor also felt disdain for him, but no one dared to speak up. Not only was this man the chairman of Nangong Corporation, his father, the old man in the emergency room, was also an outstanding founding minister. Even if he had retired, the connections he possessed were incomparable.

"On grandfather's account, I'll let you go this one time." Nangong Yunyi's expression gradually turned chilly as he expressionlessly said, "If there's another time, I will never let you off even if you are my biological father!"

He did not wish for his grandfather to be too worried and so, he had let him off. Otherwise, he would have taken action against him!

"Is there a son that speaks to their father like this?" The man's expression was indifferent. "It's fine if you're unwilling to apologize. But… I will never let this woman step into our Nangong Family's gates!"

Nangong Yunyi laughed. His laughter contained contempt and mocking.

"My life isn't for you to decide!"

"You…" The man wanted to grab Nangong Yunyi's shoulder in a fit of anger, but at that very moment, there seemed to be a force that exploded from Nangong Yunyi, directly causing his hands to bounce back.

"Get lost!"

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Just as the man wanted to get angry, the emergency room's light was extinguished and a doctor wearing a mask walked out.

"Doctor." Not caring about Nangong Yunyi, the man hastily walked up and asked. "How's my father?"

The doctor glanced at the man and sighed. "The patient's injuries are too serious and he is still in a coma. If he doesn't regain consciousness by tonight, you all had better be prepared…"

If he doesn't regain consciousness by tonight, you all had better be prepared…

Nangong Yunyi staggered and nearly fell on the floor. Luckily, Hong Luan had supported him in time, preventing him from collapsing…

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