Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2169 - Another Story of Huaxia (10)

Chapter 2169: Another Story of Huaxia (10)

Translator: DRZ  Editor: Rock

“What do you think you’re doing?” At this moment, Nangong Yunyi had grabbed Nangong Lan’s neck as a trace of killing intent streaked across his eyes. His intentions were extremely clear such that even Nangong Lan could not help but tremble.

“Pa!” However… seemingly not noticing the fear in Nangong Lan’s eyes, his palm struck her cheeks. In an instant, the originally delicate and adorable face swelled and she started crying.

“Nangong Yunyi!” Suddenly, an angry voice sounded and a couple swiftly walked over. Upon seeing Nangong Yunyi’s hand lifting up Nangong Lan, flames of fury bubbled up within his eyes.

“What are you doing?” a man wearing a suit walked towards Nangong Yunyi and sternly shouted. “Put your sister down!”

Sister? Nangong Yunyi sneered.

In that past, no matter how much he disliked the Nangong Family, he did not cause trouble for Nangong Lan. No matter what she said, he merely turned a deaf ear to the words she said. However, ever since he went to the Land of No Return, he seemed to have been influenced by the atmosphere there and wasn’t as indecisive as before.

“I don’t care who she is. As long as she humiliates my mother, I will teach her a lesson!”


Nangong Yunyi lifted his hand and fiercely threw Nangong Lan on the ground. Her head bumped against the wall, causing her to see stars and tears continuously flowed down from her eyes due to the pain.

“Xiao Lan!” The beautiful woman beside the man cried out in surprise and immediately pulled Nangong Lan into her embrace while tears flooded her eyes. “Are you alright? Quick, get the doctor!”

The beautiful woman’s words caused those nurses to react and hastily left. A moment later, a doctor came over.

“Doctor, hurry and check up on my daughter.” The beautiful woman was filled with anxiousness and she looked at the young lady in her embrace without blinking. Nangong Lan’s complexion was somewhat pale and sweat trickled down endlessly. She tightly bit her lips while glaring at Nangong Yunyi with hate.

Hong Luan glanced at Nangong Lan and a mocking smile quirked on her lips. “Since she’s still capable of glaring at you, it seems like she’s fine.”

Her words thoroughly infuriated the beautiful woman, causing her to stand up and look at Hong Luan with overflowing anger.

“Who do you think you are to actually point fingers at us, the Nangong Family! A random country bumpkin woman dares to marry into our Nangong Family? As long as I’m here, I will never let you enter the family!” The beautiful woman coldly glanced at Hong Luan before turning to the man. Her originally furious emotions had immediately changed to be of grievance.

“Husband, take a look at Yunyi. He wouldn’t be like that in the past nor hit Xiao Lan. He must’ve been led astray by this woman.”

A trace of anger flashed through his eyes as he faced Nangong Yunyi with a cold expression. “Immediately apologize to your little sister and mother!”

“Firstly, my mother is already dead!”

Nangong Yunyi’s voice was very gloomy and cold. “Secondly, Nangong Lan humiliated my mother and as a son, I will not stand by and do nothing!”

“Thirdly, from the start to the end, I am the one teaching Nangong Lan a lesson and what has it got to do with Luan’er? You actually want her to apologize?”

Not to mention Nangong Yunyi getting annoyed, even Hong Luan was amused. It seems like it wasn’t only the Seven Province Continent that had pompous people, and there were plenty in Huaxia too…

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