Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2168 - Another Story of Huaxia (9)

Chapter 2168: Another Story of Huaxia (9)

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"What's ridiculous is that you're actually not dead but instead, ran to god knows where and even brought back a woman with an unknown background!"

The one that spoke was a woman that looked petite as she wore a princess dress. She was similar to a proud peacock as she spoke with condescension.

"Furthermore, if it weren't for your appearance today, Grandfather wouldn't have gotten into a traffic accident…"

Nangong Yunyi maintained silence without speaking as he lowered his head. In this family, only his grandfather had doted on him… Yet, he hadn't returned after so many years, causing his grandfather's health to deteriorate. Supposedly, his grandfather should have been enjoying the rest of his days at home happily, but no one knew why he secretly ran out today and even met with an accident.

In addition, Nangong Yunyi's return was timely and that resulted in those people pushing the blame on him. They claimed that his grandfather  sensed 1 his return and went out to search for him, thus meeting with the traffic accident.

In reality, he only found out about his grandfather's accident after he returned.

"Shut up!" Anger surfaced on Hong Luan's face. "How is this related to Nangong? It's you who didn't take care of the elderly, yet you're pushing the responsibility to him?"

"Of course it's his fault!" The young lady raised her chin and spoke haughtily, "Nangong Yunyi, if it weren't for that slut mother of yours snatching away my mother's position, do you think you could become the Nangong Family's eldest son? Your mother was merely a mistress that broke up someone else's relationship!"


Nangong Yunyi suddenly stood up. His gaze was very terrifying as he coldly stared at the young lady's delicate appearance. "It's fine to humiliate me, but you're not allowed to insult my mother!" His voice was ice-cold and filled with hatred.

This was the first time Hong Luan saw Nangong Yunyi acting like that…

"Did I say anything wrong? Your mother was a mistress, a slut!" The young lady lifted her chin, not fearing him in the slightest.

In the past, there was their grandfather that doted on him and she couldn't deal with Nangong Yunyi. However, now that their grandfather was bed-ridden, who else in the Nangong Family would want him to stay?

"Nangong Lan!" Nangong Yunyi gnashed his teeth as killing intent streaked across his eyes. "Exactly who is the mistress? Your mother appeared only after my mother married that man and had me! Right now, you're claiming that my mother was the mistress?"

He did not even address that man as his father, and it could be seen how much hatred he had for him.

Perhaps frightened by Nangong Yunyi's fierce gaze, she retreated a few steps back and quickly steadied herself. She snorted and said, "So what? Your mother and my father had a political marriage and although my mother appeared late, they were truly in love with each other. In relationships, the one who isn't loved is the mistress!"

Hong Luan was stunned. It was the first time she heard someone acting so just and upright when their mother snatched someone else's man. Unconsciously, she somewhat admired the shamelessness of this woman.

"I dare you to repeat what you said!" Nangong Yunyi suddenly raised his hand and grabbed Nangong Lan's lapels. "Originally, I didn't want to hit you here but you have repeatedly accused my mother! If I don't stand up for her, I'm not fit to be her son!"

If it weren't for these people… his mother wouldn't have died and all the more, he wouldn't have become a child with a single parent!

All these years, he had never told others of his family matters nor even mention it in the slightest to Yun Luofeng. He felt disgusted with just the thought of mentioning these people!

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