Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2165 - Another Story of Huaxia (6)

Chapter 2165: Another Story of Huaxia (6)

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Yun Tianqi’s expression changed and just as he wanted to say something, he saw Lin Cuicui walking out.

With a bang, the door was shut close, causing his expression to become unsightly. He tightly gripped his fists, while anger was prominent in his eyes…

Huaxia, on the streets bustling with activity, everyone was looking in one direction as they turned around and pointed their fingers.

“Are those people cosplaying?”

“I feel that the white-robed lady is very beautiful and the man beside her is also very handsome. He’s so much more handsome compared to those celebrities in movies and dramas.

“Are those their children that are standing in front of them? They’re too adorable! If I could have such an adorable kid, I would be willing no matter how much I had to fork out…”

Hearing their discussions, Yun Chutian hid by Yun Luofeng’s side with a nervous look. In contrast, Yun Nianfeng’s wide-open eyes were looking all around in curiosity.

“Mother, what are those beasts that can run? Why haven’t I seen them before? Also, why are the buildings here so high? Won’t they collapse and injure people? Mother, quick, take a look! There’s a huge bird flying in the sky!”

Excitement could be seen on Yun Nianfeng’s face as he excitedly pointed to those new and odd objects. Even his eyes were radiating light. Hearing Yun Nianfeng, those who surrounded them revealed disdain. They thought that these people were cosplaying, but in fact, they were all frogs in a well…

Yun Xiao maintained his silence all along while he quietly stood by Yun Luofeng’s side. His gaze did not even shift as he directly ignored those novelties…

“Yun Xiao, I have an apartment here. Let’s head there first and I’ll explain things to you after.” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow.

She worked while studying back then and purchased an apartment. She hadn’t even moved in till now before she had reincarnated to the other Continent. Thus, the first place she headed to was that apartment she had bought back then.

Yun Xiao didn’t know what an apartment was. However, he believed Yun Luofeng’s decision wouldn’t be wrong and so, he merely followed behind her and quietly walked forward…

Her apartment wasn’t located in an extremely bustling place. The neighborhood was very common and no one stopped her when she walked in. Soon after, the few of them had arrived at the apartment’s door.

Looking at the familiar-looking door, her eyes gleamed as she gently placed her finger on the doorknob. Spirit energy transformed into a thread and burrowed into the keyhole.


The lock was opened as Yun Luofeng pushed opened the door and walked in.

“Someone seems to have been cleaning this apartment all these years.” Yun Luofeng furrowed her brows. There was only a single person who would help tidy up the apartment…

Just as the person’s image surfaced in her mind, an aged yet stern voice sounded, “Who are you? How did you enter?”

This voice was very familiar, and caused Yun Luofeng to stiffen. As she slowly turned around, she saw the old man standing by the door. He was holding onto a broom while clutching onto the apartment keys in his right hand. With a furious expression, he stared at these uninvited guests…

However, the moment he saw Yun Luofeng’s appearance, he was stunned on the spot and couldn’t shift his gaze away as he stared intently at the woman’s exceptionally gorgeous face…

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