Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2164 - Another Story of Huaxia (5)

Chapter 2164: Another Story of Huaxia (5)

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Within a luxurious office in Huaxia, a middle-aged man was leaning against a chair as he held a cigar in his mouth with his eyes closed. “Such days are great.” A smile hung on his face and he leaned against the massage chair while enjoying his life.


Suddenly, the door was push open, causing the man to frown and he opened his eyes in annoyance. Looking at the beautiful woman dressed to the nines, he asked, “Why are you here?”

“I came here to see whether you’ve been seduced by another vixen,” the beautiful woman snorted and strode into the room with graceful steps while surveying the entire room. After ensuring no other women were present, she finally relaxed.

“What are you trying to do? Do you have to be so overly suspicious?” The man frowned as his voice contained annoyance.

“Yun Tianqi, don’t forget that your achievements of today are all because of my father!” Lin Cuicui sat down beside Yun Tianqi. “If my father hadn’t killed your elder brother and his wife, could you have snatched their assets?”

Hearing Lin Cuicui raising past events again, his expression changed as he hastily walked to the door and opened it. Upon ensuring that no one eavesdropped, he closed it and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Stop talking about this matter in the future. If it were to be spread out…”

“What are you afraid of? That girl Yun Luofeng is dead so what’s there to be worried about? Furthermore, you don’t have to be worried about such problems with my father’s influence,” Lin Cuicui clicked her tongue and spoke in disapproval.

It was only a dead person and she wondered what Yun Tianqi was worried about all day long.

Lin Cuicui did not know that Yun Tianqi was feeling guilty. Although Yun Luofeng was dead, he had done too many things in the past and so, he was afraid of her departed spirit demanding vengeance.

“No matter what, this is our dark past and stop mentioning this in the future. Otherwise…” Yun Tianqi narrowed his eyes and a cold glint streaked across.

If it was the Lin Family of the past, Yun Tianqi would still be afraid of them. However, now that he had his own wealth and authority, he did not have to be as careful as before.

“Why, you’re thinking of denying what you’ve done?” Lin Cuicui sneered. “That year, you snatched your elder brother and his wife’s assets and became Yun Luofeng’s guardian. Who was it that despised her and wanted to send her away? If it weren’t for my idea of defaming her, do you think you would have such a bright reputation? Right now, not only are you ungrateful, you’re even threatening me!”

“You…” Yun Tianqi was angry but when Lin Cuicui was talking about him, he couldn’t think of any words of rebuttal.

Looking at Yun Tianqi’s expression, Lin Cuicui’s tone became gentler. “Rest assured, Yun Luofeng has been dead for five years. Although her corpse is missing, she couldn’t have survived such a huge explosion.”

There was another reason that caused Yun Tianqi to be so worried. After the explosion incident at Huaxia University five years ago, Yun Luofeng’s corpse wasn’t found. It was just like she had disappeared all of a sudden.

However… according to the school’s surveillance camera, Yun Luofeng had indeed entered the laboratory along with another young man, but the strange thing was that both of their bodies were missing!

“Cuicui, I don’t wish to hear the name Yun Luofeng again. To me, that girl is a nightmare…”

Within that nightmare, the young Xiao Luo was hugging his thigh while begging him to let her stay. Yet, he had kicked her away and injured her head as a result. With a malevolent-looking expression, she claimed she would make him pay with his life one day!

For many nights, he had been frightened awake by that nightmare and he wasn’t sure if it was a mistake chasing away Xiao Luofeng back then…

Looking at Yun Tianqi’s timid appearance, anger rose within Lin Cuicui. “Let me tell you, Yun Luofeng was reaping what she sowed and we aren’t to be blamed. If you feel regret, you can accompany her in the afterlife!”

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