Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2163 - Another story of Huaxia (4)

Chapter 2163: Another story of Huaxia (4)

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“What you’re saying is too unimaginable!” In this world, there was actually a space that exceeded her imaginations?

“Hong Luan, every single word I said is true. I’m telling you all these because I want to be honest with you. I will be using my most sincere side to chase you!” Nangong Yunyi’s expression was extremely serious and even his voice was resolute.

Hong Luan suddenly felt nervous and just as she wanted to reply, she suddenly saw Yun Luofeng and company appearing in the space she was in.

“Yun Luofeng?” She was instantly delighted and struggled free of Nangong Yunyi’s hand while she quickly walked towards Yun Luofeng. “Why are you here?”

Yun Luofeng smiled. “I came here to find Nangong Yunyi.” After speaking, her line of sight turned towards Nangong Yunyi and even her expression became serious.

“Nangong, Jiutian found a method to return.”


Nangong Yunyi stiffened. “You mean, return to Huaxia?”

Ever since he came to this Continent, he had never once thought of the possibility to return…

“That’s right. Pack your things and leave with me at once!”

Having heard her, Nangong Yunyi hesitated. If it was in the past, he would follow Yun Luofeng without thinking twice. However, right now… there was something he cherished in this Continent.

Seemingly sensing Nangong Yunyi’s thoughts, Hong Luan rolled her eyes and turned towards Yun Luofeng. “I heard about that country, Huaxia from Nangong Yunyi. I wonder if I could travel together with you?”

“Luan’er,” Nangong Yunyi felt delighted. “You mean that you’re thinking of leaving with us?”

Am I dreaming?”

“Idiot.” After throwing this word, she flung her sleeves and left. She had to pack her things and bid farewell to her father in passing…

Nangong Yunyi stared foolishly at Hong Luan’s leaving direction and his face was filled with excitement and happiness. “Luofeng, does it mean… Hong Luan has accepted me?”

Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao met each other’s gazes and saw a smile within.

“Hong Luan has even decided to return home with you. What do you think?”

Her kind jeer had caused Nangong Yunyi to be so excited that he nearly jumped from joy as his handsome face was filled with smiles.

“Hong Luan has accepted me, she’s finally accepted me…” The effects of following beside her all these years had not been in vain.

“Let’s go.” Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders. “We’ve been in this Continent for over twenty years and I wonder if time has passed the same there…”

Nangong Yunyi had already recovered from his excitement and replied, “I don’t have anything to pack and after Hong Luan returns, we can set off.”

A moment later.

Hong Luan walked over and her red-robes lightly fluttered in the wind, looking so gorgeous that it was capable of causing a downfall of a city. Even Nangong Yunyi could not shift his gaze away. However, Hong Luan did not even spare him a glance as she spoke to Yun Luofeng. “I’ve bid farewell to my father. We can set off now.”

“Alright,” Yun Luofeng nodded. “Jiutian is waiting for us. Let’s hurry over.”

Huaxia! I can finally return there!

Recalling her benefactor that educated her with great care all these years, Yun Luofeng’s gaze became much gentler…

Her benefactor didn’t have any children and had adopted her from the orphanage. Furthermore, he had imparted all his knowledge to her.

I wonder when my benefactor heard the news of my death back then, was he able to withstand the shock?

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