Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2158 - The Best Ending (3)

Chapter 2158: The Best Ending (3)

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She had told these people that she knew how to cure diseases and how to write, but they didn’t believe her.

“Shut up!” The man looked even angrier. “You were only two years old at that time, and you told me you knew how to cure diseases and how to write? I know your mother asked you to say that to me to get my attention! It seems that neither your mother or you are good. Fortunately, your mother died a few months ago. Otherwise, I would kill her too!”

The little girl lowered her head, her shoulders twitching.

She could walk when she was three months old, could talk when she was seven months old, and could write as taught by her mother when she was one year old…

Every time her mother wanted to tell this to this man, he thought she was bullsh*tting and drove her out, and even put them under house arrest, not allowing anyone to visit them.

They weren’t released until she was two years old.

She happily rushed to her father who she had never met and wanted to tell him how smart she was, but he pushed her away fiercely, and ordered the guards to drive her away…

Only Second Elder Sister had played with her over the years. Therefore, only Second Elder Sister knew about her medical skills.

“Guards, burn this trash to death! I don’t need such a trash as my daughter.”

Hearing the man’s cold voice, the little girl raised her head and her eyes were covered with tears. Her eyes blurred with tears, and a gorgeous face suddenly popped up in her mind…

This face had haunted her dreams for years, although she didn’t know who she was, she knew that there must be some connection between this woman and her.

“I don’t want to die…”

She didn’t want to die!

She hadn’t met the person she wanted to see, nor had she fulfilled her promise, so how could she die here?

The little girl bit her lip tightly and cried. Suddenly, she saw a giant dragon in the blue sky, and there seemed to be several people standing on the dragon…

“Your Majesty, it’s a dragon!

In the crowd, someone shouted excitedly, and the man sitting on the throne also stood up and looked excited. “It’s a real dragon! It seems that even the dragon can’t bear the girl, so it came to kill the evil girl.” The man gave a smile. For humans, the Ancestral Dragon Tribe was a symbol of strength and power, and every man would worship them.

“Come on, set this evil girl on fire! someone shouted in the crowd and everyone rushed to throw the torches in their hands at the little girl.

The little girl closed her eyes in fright…

Just then, the giant dragon let out an angry roar, and the torches that were flying toward the little girl suddenly all bounced back, fell into the crowd, and set them on fire.


The crowd was in a panic. These stupid people were on fire. Someone brought water, trying to extinguish the fire, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t extinguish the flames…

The little girl opened her eyes and looked up into the sky. And then…

The gorgeous face that always haunted her dreams came into her view. She widened her eyes and could no longer move her eyes from the white-clad woman…

The woman jumped off the giant dragon’s back. She, in a white robe, was standing in front of the little girl with a smile on her face.

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