Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2155 - Mom, I Love You (5)

Chapter 2155: Mom, I Love You (5)

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At this time, Feng Jin walked down from the sky. In a white robe, he looked like an unearthly banished immortal.

“Why didn’t you stop her just now?” Yun Luofeng’s voice was choking, and she was still staring at the spot where Yun Chutian disappeared, without turning her head.

Feng Jin was silent for a while. “It was her choice. It was more painful for her to live. She was willing to die for the person she loved.”

“But she was only a child. How could I let her sacrifice herself for our fight?”

“As I said, she was not an ordinary person, and she was actually older than the Continent of Seven Provinces in terms of age.”

“But, in my heart, she is always a child…” Yun Luofeng gave a bitter smile.

She would always remember how she met Yun Chutian for the first time in the secret chamber…

The naked little girl stared at her with her innocent, blank eyes, and looked so innocent.

“She is dead indeed, but she can also be alive.” Feng Jin took a look at Yun Luofeng. “Five years from now, she will appear in Heavenly Emperor City. At that time, you can go there to find her, but I remind you that after the reincarnation she will lose all her memory and won’t be able to remember you. She may not be willing to go with you.”

Yun Luofeng’s ashen face finally changed a little. She gently raised her eyes, “Five years from now? Heavenly Emperor City? Okay, I’ll go there to find her, and if she isn’t willing to go with me, I’ll protect her for the rest of her life!”

Feng Jin smiled, turned around, and disappeared from Yun Luofeng’s view like a breeze.

It was time… for him to find his love for two lives! Though he missed him for the two lives, he would never give him up again, whether he was male or female!

“Yun Xiao.”

Yun Luofeng got up slowly from the ground, walked up to Yun Xiao, and kissed him between his eyes, “Thank you for accompanying me, protecting me, and indulging me all my life… From now on, I will protect you.”

“Master…” Xiao Mo wanted to say something but was interrupted by Yun Luofeng.

Without looking at the double-winged fiery dragons imprisoned in the flame cage, she said flatly, “Let’s go back to the Jun Family. The battle is over.”

The whole world was shocked by the birth of a true-god level spirit cultivator!

Since the news that Yun Luofeng had broken through to the true-god level was spread across the Continent of Seven Provinces, so many people flocked into the Jun Family. As Yun Luofeng had a son, the families with young daughters all tried their best to establish a relationship with the Jun Family.

However, in the end, all of them were stopped by the Jun Family people…

As for the double-winged fiery dragons that had been whining for days and nights, no one paid any attention to them. Anyway, they were doomed to die.

Five years later, in the back mountain of the Jun Family.

The peaceful sky was rendered red by a scarlet red light. After a red throne appeared in the sky five years ago, another magnificent throne appeared in the sky and shocked the whole Continent of Seven Provinces again.

“Mom, Mom… ”

A cute little boy hurriedly rushed and ran into Yun Luofeng’s arms. He raised his adorable face and smiled brightly, “Did Dad just have a breakthrough?”

Yun Luofeng nodded as she looked toward the spot where the throne had appeared, and her eyes were tender, “Yes, your dad has reached true-god level too.”

On the continent it was very difficult to reach the true-god level, or to be exact, no one could reach this level.

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