Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2147 - Crisis (3)

Chapter 2147: Crisis (3)

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At that moment, the whole ground cracked open, and a huge double-winged fiery dragon rushed out of the ground. Huge flames swept across the sky, covering the whole sky with a layer of fire.


As the double-winged fiery dragon roared, the whole sky was torn apart in an instant. Its eyes were ferocious, and it fiercely glared at the crowd below.

“Double-winged fiery dragon?” The leader’s face suddenly changed, and his eyes were full of horror. “Why did this ancient creature appear here?”

At this moment, the double-winged fiery dragon was hovering in the sky. His voice was very sad, as if he was calling for his companions.

Yun Luofeng pondered for a while, “When I came to the Continent of Seven Provinces, I heard that there were ancient fierce beasts suppressed under the provinces. If I’m not wrong, the ancient fierce beasts refer to the double-winged fiery dragons!”

The double-winged fiery dragons that existed in ancient times were very powerful!

The strength of a double-winged fiery dragon was even comparable to that of the nine-winged heavenly dragon that Yun Luofeng encountered before. Besides, there were six other double-winged fiery dragons under the Continent of Seven Provinces!

Not to mention the other people, even Yun Luofeng’s face darkened.

“I don’t understand why the double-winged fiery dragon suddenly came back to life and broke out of the restraints.”

“I guess the collapse of the Spirit God Continent led to the influx of a lot of spirit energy which resurrected the double-winged fiery dragons.”

As the leader said this, his lips trembled slightly, and his eyes were filled with terror. Although the ancestral dragons were long-lived, they couldn’t be compared with ancient fierce beasts, nor could they resist them.

“A double-winged fiery dragon can run across an entire province in an instant. If this double-winged fiery dragon appeared, it means that the other double-winged fiery dragons have also resurrected.” Yun Luofeng looked at Yun Xiao, “Yun Xiao, I have no confidence in this battle, but I have to fight.”

Yun Xiao gently held Yun Luofeng’s hand and said resolutely, “I’m with you.”

No matter if he was alive or dead!


The howling of the double-winged fiery dragon grew louder and louder. In a moment, they felt scorching heat from all sides, which was as hot as the sun and seemed to be able to scorch them into dust.

“Be careful!”

Yun Xiao suddenly pulled Yun Luofeng and Yun Chutian aside. The next minute, a flash of flame fell from the sky and landed on the ground where they were just standing. A deep, bottomless pit appeared in the ground,

Yun Xiao held Yun Luofeng tightly. At this moment, Yun Luofeng felt his back was covered with sweat. His clothes were soaked with sweat and clung to his back.


A heart-wrenching sound came, and when the crowd turned their heads, they found Feng Yongqing covering his eyes with his hands. “My eyes, my eyes!”

“Feng Yongqing!”

Astonished, Wei Xiang and the other man quickly walked up to Feng Yongqing. However, faced with the double-winged fiery dragons, they couldn’t do anything…


Some cowardly people immediately cried out and cowered aside in fear, staring in horror at the double-winged fiery dragons in the sky. At that moment, burnt with golden flames, the sky was as red as blood.


The double-winged fiery dragons in the sky finally took action. Flames rose from their mouth and they rushed towards the ground with a crash.


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