Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2145 - Crisis (1)

Chapter 2145: Crisis (1)

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“Long Luo!”

Cheng Gaoya was going to continue to curse Cheng Wuyan only to find Long Luo standing next to the leader, and her eyes immediately widened.

She didn’t know the Ancestral Dragon Tribe people were here, so she snorted fearlessly, “You b*tch, how dare you still show up in front of my eyes? You were lucky to escape from the Cheng Family that day, but now you won’t be able to escape from me again. I’d like to see who will be able to protect you!”

The experience in the Cheng Family was a lifelong nightmare for Long Luo. Now, seeing Cheng Gaoya, she felt a fear in her heart and quickly hid behind the tribe leader.

The tribe leader frowned and guessed the woman’s identity from the dialogue between Cheng Gaoya and Cheng Wuyan.

In that instant, his eyes were filled with anger and his eyes were filled with murderous desire…

A grim gleam flickered across Cheng Gaoya’s eyes. She turned her eyes to the old man standing beside Long Luo and gave a contemptuous smile, “So the person who took away Long Luo that day was you! You’re so old. How can you be interested in a little girl?! But I advise you to return Long Luo to me, or else you will offend our Cheng Family!”

The leader looked angrier and he clenched his hands tightly.

Sensing the fear in Long Luo’s heart, he raised his hand to rub Long Luo’s small head and turned his furious eyes to Cheng Gaoya again.

Seeing the old man ignore her words, Cheng Gaoya scowled, “Can’t you hear me? This girl is my slave, and you have no right to take her away!”

“Oh?” The leader finally spoke. His old voice was authoritative and his eyes were cold, “I wonder when my daughter became your slave?”


Cheng Gaoya froze. This old man was Long Luo’s father? So he was also a dragon?

But soon, Cheng Gaoya calmed down and said, “Even though you’re Long Luo’s father, so what? I’ll take her away anyway!”


The leader snorted, and a powerful aura, carrying a great pressure, was emanated from his body.

“You want to make the heiress of our Ancestral Dragon Tribe your slave? I’m afraid you’re not worthy of it!”

The heiress of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe?

Hearing the leader’s words, Cheng Gaoya who looked contemptuous quivered and widened her eyes, “You said she was the heiress of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe? No, that’s impossible! I asked Long Luo, and she said she was just an ordinary dragon!”

Cheng Gaoya knew the heiress of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe was missing, and she met Long Luo just at that time, so she asked about Long Luo’s identity when she met her.

But Long Luo denied she was the heiress of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe!

Hearing this, Long Luo walked out from behind the leader. She bit her lips, “At that time, I thought my dad was going to marry me to an *sshole, so I didn’t dare to tell you about my identity. I was afraid of being sent back to the Ancestral Dragon Tribe… ”

Hearing Long Luo’s words, Cheng Gaoya shivered and her arrogant air was soon gone. Her face turned pale.

“You lied to me. How could you lie to me…”

If she had known about Long Luo’s real identity, she would never have done such a thing.

Long Luo looked sad, “How can you say I lied to you? I was so stupid that I thought you would be grateful because I saved you, but I didn’t expect you would lock me up and force me to vomit essence blood. If I hadn’t met Miss Yun, maybe… I would have been tortured to death by you.”

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