Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2144 - Death of Yu Tian! (2)

Chapter 2144: Death of Yu Tian! (2)

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Yun Chutian’s scared voice came from below.

Hearing it, Yun Luofeng immediately rushed down and held Yun Chutian in her arms. She could feel the little girl in her arms trembling, so she tried to soothe her, “It’s alright. Tian’er, Mom is here. Don’t be afraid.”

Yun Chutian seemed to be soothed by Yun Luofeng. She curled up in the woman’s arms and put her head against her chest.

Yun Xiao also stepped down from the sky and embraced Yun Luofeng. His cool eyes were full of tenderness, but this tenderness only appeared when he saw Yun Luofeng.

“Feng ‘er, let’s go home… ”

When he said this, Yun Luofeng clearly heard the sound of space collapse as if it were the end of the world. It took a long time for them to fall from the sky.

The disappearance of the Spirit God Continent didn’t mean that the people in it would be wiped out, but everything within the Spirit God Continent, including the houses and the earth, had disappeared…

After a long time, her eyes were finally adapted to the dazzling sunshine. She slowly opened her eyes and released the girl she kept firmly in her arms.

“Tian’er, it’s ok.”

Yun Chutian shivered. Her body was firmly attached to Yun Luofeng, and she looked around carefully.

“Mom, where is this?”

Yun Luofeng looked down at Yun Chutian and said with a mild voice, “This is the Continent of Seven Provinces.”

At that moment, the others finally realized what had happened. The Ancestral Dragon Tribe and the men that the rulers brought about were fine with the change, while the residents of the Spirit God Continent didn’t know what happened and looked frightened.


The whole city was filled with their howling sounds.

“Cheng Wuyan!”

Suddenly, a shocked voice came from the front, attracting the attention of Cheng Wuyan.

Cheng Wuyan, who was standing next to Yun Qingya and others, turned his head only to see a familiar figure, and then he gave a cold smile.

“What a coincidence.”

One couldn’t avoid one’s enemy!

Cheng Wuyan didn’t expect he would see Cheng Gaoya here!

It seemed she was not far away from the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, or else she wouldn’t happen to fall to the same place with them…

A grim gleam flashed through Cheng Gaoya’s eyes and she said arrogantly, “Cheng Wuyan, you little b*stard, why are you here?”

Yun Luofeng had recognized Cheng Gaoya as soon as she saw her, but…

She looked at Cheng Wuyan doubtfully and raised her eyebrows, “Didn’t I ask you to go back and settle accounts with the Cheng Family? Why is this woman here?”

“Well…” Cheng Wuyan scratched his head, “I went to the Cheng Family only to find that the Cheng Family was empty and no one was there. I have been looking for them all those days, but before I could find them, I happened to find someone attacking the Continent of Seven Provinces…”

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, looked at Cheng Gaoya and then turned her eyes to Feng Yongqing and the others who looked angry, but she didn’t speak.

She was not going to interfere in Cheng Wuyan’s affairs…

Besides, the most important thing for her now was to deal with the three old men!

Maybe shocked by Yu Tian’s death, these old men didn’t move but just glared fiercely at Yun Luofeng.


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