Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2140 - Breaking Through to Monarch-god Level (3)

Chapter 2140: Breaking Through to Monarch-god Level (3)

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"You…" Long Yan's fury rushed out, but alas, the difference in their strength was too great, so the Dragon Tribe was at a disadvantage.

"Yu Tian, our Dragon Tribe had already left human land ages ago and were forced to this corner, why can't you leave us alone?" Long Yan's emotions were very heavy and contained an irrepressible pain.

These d*mn humans were truly too tyrannical!

"You only have yourselves to blame for helping Yun Luofeng. That is the cause of your fate today. You did it to yourself!" A faint smile curled up on Yu Tian's mouth. His features were completely calm, and his tone aloof, as though he was speaking about something trivial.

Long Yan decisively closed his eyes, unwilling to waste any more words with them.

Besides him, the other tribesmen of the Dragon Tribe all had a frightened expression, their eyes brimming with panic.

Time raced past. Soon, it was the end of allotted time given by Yu Tian. Seeing that Yun Luofeng still had not appeared, his eyes swept across the group and landed on a young, underage dragon.

"Bring that child to me."

That young dragon was a little boy. In human age, he would be about three or four years old, an age where he was still fumbling through life.

Seeing those humans walk toward him, the little boy burst into tears and loudly cried, "Mother, save me! Save me!"

Although he was still young, he knew why these people were taking him. His arms instantly frantically flailed around, and tears drenched his entire face.

"NO!" the woman tied next to the little boy shouted with panic. She started heartbreakingly crying, "Don't touch my child! Kill me if you must, don't kill my child! I beg you! My child is still small, spare him!"

However, those humans were absolutely unmoved when faced with the little boy's tears and the mother's pleading. It was as though this little boy was no different from livestock awaiting slaughter.

In the end, the little boy was carried to Yu Tian. His large eyes were full of fear, and his tiny body was shuddering.

"Boy, you are about to die!" Feng Yongqing stepped up and picked the boy up by his lapels and dragged him toward him. "However, remember. The one who caused your death isn't me. It's Yun Luofeng!"


After saying that, Feng Yongqing drew out his long sword. A bitingly cold light shone from the blade and reflected the little boy's panic-stricken face, making it icier and more heartless.

"Enough!" Long Yan's eyes shot open, a cold light erupting from them. "I am second only to the tribe leader in the Ancestral Dragon Tribe. If you want to kill someone, then killing me would be better. Don't touch the children of our Dragon Tribe!"

"Kill you?" Feng Yongqing snorted and derisively said, "Don't worry, you will die eventually. However, you aren't scared in the face of death! I don't like slaughter without fear! In contrast, I really like this little guy's expression…"

He carefully observed the terror on the little boy's face, and the smile on his lips deepened.

Currently, because of the intense fear in his heart, the little boy was unable to cry vocally. His eyes were wide open as he looked at the devil, Feng Yongqing, in front of him…

Long Yan trembled, but helplessly shut his eyes in the end, not having the guts to watch this cruel scene. However, the hatred in his heart intensified, as though there were roaring flames igniting his heart…

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