Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2139 - Breaking Through to Monarch-god Level (2)

Chapter 2139: Breaking Through to Monarch-god Level (2)

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Boom boom boom!

Loud thunder rumbled in the sky, but Yun Luofeng had released Yun Yi as she sat down. Yun Yi leaped up and charged above Yun Luofeng's head, blocking the lightning shooting down.

The heavenly lightning this time was fiercer than it ever was when other people were breaking through. This was also the first time everyone saw Yun Luofeng break through… It would not be exaggerating to describe it as the end of the world!

The tribulation lightning lasted an entire night before finally receding.

The next day, when Yun Luofeng opened her eyes, she could feel the infinite amount of strength inside of her and could not resist standing up to stretch. Then, she asked, "Tian'er, how much more of this power do you have?"

Yun Chutian blinked and shook her head. "No more. Tian'er gave it all to Mother. Mother, can you bring Tian'er with you to fight? Tian'er can definitely help Mother."

Yun Xiao had reached Yun Luofeng's side at this point, and after hearing Yun Chutian's words, they exchanged a look.

"Mother." Afraid that Yun Luofeng would deny her, Yun Chutian hurriedly held her mother's hand and pitifully said, "Although Tian'er can't remember anything, Tian'er won't be a burden to Mother."

Yun Luofeng thought about it for a moment. She originally wanted to deny Yun Chutian's request, but she remembered that it was Jue Qian who left Yun Chutian for her, so she must not be simple.

Hence, she nodded. "Okay. Then we will depart together."

Yun Chutian smiled, her smile was more brilliant than the sun. She darted into Yun Luofeng's arms and tightly embraced her waist. "Mother, Tian'er likes you the most."

Under the morning sun, Yun Chutian's cheeks were rosy and her bright eyes were like the stars in the night sky, shining dazzlingly.

Yun Luofeng looked down at the petite and adorable little girl in her arms, and a smile spread across her face as well.

If… she was able to predict the following events, perhaps she would regret bringing this girl to Spirit God Continent. Unfortunately, the current Yun Luofeng did not know anything.

Spirit God Continent, Ancestral Dragon Tribe

Under the dragon altar, all the members of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe were tied to pillars, and they were all furiously looking at the human invaders.

Yu Tian and his three cohorts stood at the front of the humans, and they haughtily looked down on the group of furious dragons, a sneer turning up on their lips.

"You better pray that woman Yun Luofeng will hurry and come here. Otherwise, your Ancestral Dragon Tribe will be completely wiped out!" Yu Tian aloofly smiled. His white clothes drifting and immortal appearance was detestable no matter how they looked at it!

Long Yan's roar was full of rage. "Yu Tian, Feng Yongqing, Hong Fengling, Wei Xiang, if you dare to totally annihilate the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, then even if I, Long Yan, became a ghost, I won't spare you!"

"Be a ghost? Hahaha!" Feng Yongqin chuckled. "That implies you have the chance to be a ghost! We prepared the Soul Flame already. After you experience this flame, your souls will disperse, and you will never be reincarnated!"

The last part of his words was spoken through gritted teeth, and his eyes also turned sharper as he coldly stared at the ancestral dragons tied to pillars.

Fear flashed through Long Yan's eyes, but he did not reveal it on his face. His hands beside him clenched, and his body started trembling, terribly angered!

"I will give Yun Luofeng one more day. If she doesn't come today, then I will kill a tribesman of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe!"

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