Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2133 - Yun Luofeng Has Returned (4)

Chapter 2133: Yun Luofeng Has Returned (4)

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"That girl is capable of that? No, she must die! Otherwise, the threat she will bring to us far exceeds that of Jue Qian!" The gray-clothed elderly man, Kong Fengling, frowned, a solemn killing intent leaking from his eyes. "Yu Tian, where is that girl right now?"

"The Seven Province Continent!" Yu Tian was gritting his teeth in frustration. "I reckon that girl won't dare to leave the Seven Province Continent! Otherwise, we could immediately kill her."

"Seven Province Continent?" The cyan-clothed elder, Wei Xiang, was taken back and fell into contemplation.

They were the rulers of the Spirit God Continent, so they couldn't leave this continent. If they waited any longer, that girl would probably develop more rapidly!

"I brought you here because I already thought of a method." Yu Tian smiled, a chilly glint flashing his eyes. "This girl is fairly loyal. She initially bulldozed into the Spirit God Continent because someone here kidnapped her disciple's mother! If we attack the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, that girl will surely appear!"

Ancestral Dragon Tribe?

The old men were startled and grew silent.

"I know that fighting with the Ancestral Dragon Tribe is a bit risky, they are quite powerful, after all. However, since we were able to expel them out of human territory, it proves that we humans are stronger than the Dragon Tribe!" Yu Tian continued with a smile. "Moreover, if the four of us team up, that old man from the Ancestral Dragon Tribe is absolutely no match for us."

Wei Xiang's brows knitted again. "We merely forced the Ancestral Dragon Tribe to leave back then. We didn't kill them to the last one. That was because the five of us are all the core of the Spirit God Continent's matrix, and we can't lack a single one. If one of us is gone, the Spirit God Continent will instantly collapse."

"If it collapses, it collapses." Yu Tian smirked. "We have already reached this level, so it's not like we can have any further breakthroughs. As for true-god, that is merely a legend! If the Spirit God Continent collapses, this space will cease to exist but the people of the Spirit God Continent will merely fuse with Seven Province Continent. It wouldn't cause any harm to us…"

Hearing this, no one said anything else.

Just as Yu Tian said, they wouldn't progress any further here, so why should they continue to stubbornly guard the Spirit God Continent?

Of course, there was a reason why Yu Tian never considered leaving the Spirit God Continent. He only knew how to turn himself into the core of the matrix, but he did not know how to unbind himself. Hence, even if he wanted to leave Spirit God Continent, he could not do it!

"Alright, let's do that then!" Feng Yongqing decisively decided. "We can't allow that girl to continue growing. Otherwise, she will certainly threaten us. We can only relax when she's dead! However… if we threaten her with the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, will that girl really appear?"

Yu Tian snorted. "I am merely trying my luck. Her appearing would be the best outcome. But if she doesn't appear, we will immediately kill that old man of the Dragon Tribe! At that time, the restriction on us will dissolve, and we will achieve the same outcome by going to the Seven Province Continent."

The other people did not comment further after Yu Tian explained.

They had already experienced the difficulty that Jue Qian brought them, so this time, they absolutely couldn't allow past events to happen again!

"Then we will depart for the Dragon Tribe now…" Hong Fengling was silent for a moment before looking at the azure sky outside. "This isn't our fault. If they must blame someone, it is that girl's fault for knowing Jue Qian and growing so fast…"

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