Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2132 - Yun Luofeng Has Returned (3)

Chapter 2132: Yun Luofeng Has Returned (3)

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"Jue Qian's reincarnation? You sure you recognized the right person?"

The final elderly man had a long, golden-yellow robe. A long, lifelike dragon was stitched onto his sleeves. His aura was noble and solemn, but his expressionless face changed with Yu Tian's words.

"I absolutely saw the right person! He is Jue Qian's reincarnation!"

Yu Tian peered down, and the man's immortal-like silhouette surfaced in his mind. He stated between gritted teeth, "Although his personality has drastically changed, I can recognize him even if he turned into ashes! However, don't worry, he is not as strong as before, so there's no need to fear him!"

The other old men were taken back and stared at Yu Tian inquiringly.

"Since it's like that, why did you call us here then?"

"Jue Qian isn't a danger, but…" Yu Tian's lips pulled into a bloodthirsty smile. "I met a girl too. She has an extraordinary relationship with Jue Qian, and her talent is scarier than Jue Qian's from back then. If she is allowed to grow, the consequences are too horrible to contemplate!"

The previous Jue Qian was already a nightmare in their minds. Yet, there was now a girl who was scarier than Jue Qian?

"Yu Tian, could you possibly be lying to us? Jue Qian was already talented as it was, how could someone be more talented than him? Moreover, she's merely a little girl, how could she do anything to us?"

The yellow-clothed old man, Feng Yongqing, had contempt on his face and was nonchalant about Yu Tian's words.

When Yu Tian saw their expressions, he snorted. "That girl is only 20 something years old, but she has already reached reverent-god level! Tell me, could Jue Qian from back then reach reverent-god level at her age?"

The old men's minds jolted. A 20-something-year-old reverent god? She wasn't simply a genius! She was clearly a demon!

"Not only that, but she is also able to make that certain someone from the Dragon Tribe side with her. I sent people to the Seven Province Continent earlier with the plan to eradicate her and the Seven Province Continent, but the Dragon Tribe caught wind of it not long later. They immediately sent that b*stard, Long Yan, to the Seven Province Continent to help."

Yu Tian's words astonished the old men. The tribe leader of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe was very proud and arrogant, yet he would go help a human girl? This… this was completely implausible!

"Also, the man beside the girl is also very young but has already reached monarch-god level! When I fought with him, I felt that I could only narrowly win."

Yu Tian was a ruler of this continent, so he was unmatched for the most part. Yet, he claimed that he was not entirely confident he could defeat a monarch-god and could only narrowly win? Since when did so many geniuses appear in the world?

"If this isn't enough to shock you, then I can tell you something else. Do you remember how Jue Qian's puppet technique astonished the world? Back then, it was because we wanted to obtain this puppet technique that we hunted him down with great difficulty." Yu Tian threw another bomb into the array. "Unfortunately, even Jue Qian himself could only create a puppet without a soul…"

A soulless puppet was very normal. What Jue Qian researched for all these years to no avail was none other than a method to allow a puppet to possess life. He was unable to discover a method before he died.

"However…" Yu Tian paused briefly before continuing, "several months ago, I fought with this girl and there was a puppet next to her. This puppet possessed life and was no different than a normal person."


Yu Tian's last sentence pounded on them like a hammer, and the old men grew pale with fright.

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