Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2130 - Yun Luofeng Has Returned (1)

Chapter 2130: Yun Luofeng Has Returned (1)

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Nangong Yunyi had just arrived at West District when he saw the woman talking cheerfully with Hong Ling. His eyes shot open, and he roughly rubbed his eyes with disbelief.

This… is Hong Luan? Am I seeing right? This was really Hong Luan?

Nangong Yunyi stopped in place. Several times, he wanted to go up but did not have the guts, so he could only linger at a distance and foolishly watch her. He was afraid that Hong Luan would disappear as soon as he took a step forward.

Detecting Nangong Yunyi’s gaze, Hong Luan turned her head and saw the handsome man who appeared, a smile spreading on her beautiful face.

“Nangong Yunyi, it’s been a long time. Do you not recognize me?”

The woman’s voice was as familiar as always and made Nangong Yunyi recall when they first met… All sorts of feelings welled up in his heart. Jubilance, excitement, as well as an indescribable feeling—they all assailed his heart.

“Hong Luan, you are still alive?”

She is still alive? Am I dreaming?

Hong Ling also regained his wits and asked, “Luan’er, can you tell me what’s going on? You clearly died, and your corpse is with Miss Yun, so how can you be here right now?”

“It’s a long story.” Hong Luan smiled. “I did really die back then, and I also went to the underworld.”

The underworld? Hong Ling was startled. The underworld truly existed?

“Originally, people who enter the underworld after death can never leave the underworld. If they appeared in the living world, their spirit would disperse immediately,” Hong Luan continued after a glance toward Hong Ling.

Hong Ling caught up. “Then how could you…”

How could you appear here?

“Dad, regardless of what rule it is, as long as you control enough power, you can break it.” Hong Luan’s expression was very serious. “And I was quite lucky and obtained a great opportunity, which is how I managed to obtain a formidable power in a short amount of time. This was why I was able to break the rules of heaven and return to the Continent.”

In other words, the current Hong Luan was still nothing but a soul. It was because of her control over her power that she was allowed to appear in a physical form.

If she wanted to completely revive, there was only one method, and that was to revive her with her well-preserved corpse!

“Miss Hong Luan.” Grandfather Jun grew excited. “You say that people can go to the underworld after they die? Then can my deceased wife be found in the underworld as well?”

Hong Luan was taken back and grew silent. She could not bear to respond, but she still honestly answered, “The underworld is more vicious than the Seven Province Continent, and there are often large-scale massacres happening. Old Madam Jun has passed away for so many years, so I can’t guarantee that she is still in the underworld.”

Hearing this, Grandfather Jun sighed and stated wryly, “I also know this is merely wishful thinking. So what if she is in the underworld? I can’t enter, and she can’t come out.”

That was how cruel being separated by life and death was.

“The experts who came to attack the West District have been annihilated. Let’s go and help the people from the other city gates,” Grandfather Jun solemnly said after recovering.

Nangong Yunyi’s gaze finally retracted from Hong Luan and moved to Grandfather Jun. “I passed by the North District while coming here, so the North District is no longer a problem. You don’t need to go.”

“There’s still the East District and the South District,” Grandfather Jun stated with a frown. “Especially the East District, Yun Qingya probably can’t continue to defend it…”


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